The Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry: The 2014-2015 EContent 100

Dec 01, 2014

December 2014 Issue

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The EContent 100 list is now in its 14th year, and it has not gotten any easier for the judges to narrow down the list to just 100 companies. This year, we had three new judges and lots of new companies to consider. We also included a new category: Big Data. These days, data is the driving force behind almost everything on the web. From the targeted ads you see while surfing your favorite sites to the articles and videos that those sites serve up to you, data is behind it all. The cross-channel experiences we now take for granted are made possible by the data that is collected and analyzed by some of the companies we have honored on this year’s list. We look forward to seeing what new and innovative experiences these companies can help content providers come up with next year.

Editor, EContent

Company NameCategoryExecutive Summary
Access Innovations, Inc.SEO & Search AnalyticsView From The Top Profile
Acquia, Inc.Content Creation, Web Content Management 
Acquire MediaDistribution & Delivery 
Acrolinx GmbHContent Creation 
Act-On Software, Inc.Content Creation 
Adobe Systems, Inc.Content Commerce, Content Creation,Web Content Management 
Aerospike, Inc.Big Data 
Aexea InteractiveContent Creation, Inc.Big Data, Distribution & Delivery,Mobile Content 
Anametrix, Inc.SEO & Search Analytics 
Apple, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Mobile Content 
Aptara, IncContent Creation, Distribution & Delivery, Mobile Content 
Aquafadas, Inc.Content Creation, Distribution & Delivery,Mobile ContentView From The Top Profile
Astoria Software,  A TransPerfect CompanyContent Creation, Distribution & Delivery,Mobile ContentView From The Top Profile
Author-it Software Corp.Content Creation 
Automattic, Inc.Content Creation, Web Content Management 
BitlySocial Media 
Brightcove, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Web Content Management 
Cengage Learning, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Cloudwords, Inc.Content Creation 
ConductorSEO & Search Analytics 
ConnotateBig DataView From The Top Profile
Content Analyst Co., LLCSEO & Search Analytics 
Copyright Clearance CenterContent Commerce, Distribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
CoreMedia AGWeb Content Management 
Crafter Software Corp.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
CSG InternationalContent Commerce 
Curata, Inc.Social Media 
Data Conversion LaboratoryContent Creation, Distribution &Delivery 
DigimindBig Data 
DNN Corp.Web Content Management 
EBSCO Industries, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Ektron, Inc.Web Content Management 
Elsevier B.V.Distribution & Delivery 
Empolis InformationManagement GmbHSEO & Search AnalyticsView From The Top Profile
EPiServerWeb Content Management 
e-Spirit, Inc.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
FacebookDistribution & Delivery, Social Media 
The Financial Times Ltd.Mobile Content 
Flipboard, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Google, Inc.Content Creation, Social Media, MobileContent, SEO & Search Analytics 
Hewlett-PackardDevelopment Co., L.P.Big Data 
HighWire Press, Inc.Content Creation, Distribution & Delivery 
Hippo B.V.Web Content Management 
Hootsuite Media, Inc.Social Media 
HubSpot, Inc.Content Creation, Web Content Management 
HuluDistribution & Delivery 
IBMBig Data 
iCopyright, Inc.Content Commerce, Distribution & Delivery, Content CommerceView From The Top Profile
iHeartMedia, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
ImpelsysContent CreationView From The Top Profile
Ingeniux Corp.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
The jQuery FoundationMobile Content 
Kaltura, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Web Content Management 
Lexalytics, Inc.SEO & Search Analytics 
LinkedInSocial Media 
LucidworksSEO & Search Analytics 
MadCap Software, Inc.Content Creation 
Magnolia International Ltd.Web Content Management 
Maker Studios, Inc.(a Disney company)Content Creation 
MarkLogic Corp.Big Data 
MediaPassContent Commerce 
Netflix, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Open Source Matters, Inc.Web Content Management 
OracleBig Data, Web Content Management 
OverDrive, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Pandora Media, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
PivotshareContent Commerce 
PostwireMobile Content 
ProQuest, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
RAMPSEO & Search Analytics 
Recorded Future, Inc.SEO & Search Analytics 
Reprints Desk, Inc.(a Derycz Scientific Co.)Content Commerce, Distribution & Delivery 
Revizzit, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
Rightscorp, Inc.Content Commerce 
RSI Content SolutionsContent Creation, Web Content Management 
SDL, PLCWeb Content Management 
SitecoreWeb Content Management 
Siteworx, LLCContent Creation, Web Content Management 
Skyword, Inc.SEO & Search Analytics, Web Content Management 
Smartling, Inc.Content CreationView From The Top Profile
Snapchat, Inc.Social Media 
Solve MediaContent Commerce 
Spotify ABDistribution & Delivery 
Sprout Social, Inc.Social Media 
The Star GroupContent Creation 
StitcherDistribution & Delivery 
T3MediaContent Commerce 
Teradata Operations, Inc.Big Data 
ThinkAnalytics Ltd.SEO & Search Analytics 
TransifexContent Creation 
Transparensee SystemsSEO & Search Analytics 
TwitterSocial Media 
VigLinkContent Commerce 
Vimeo, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
VKSocial Media 
Volacci Corp.SEO & Search Analytics 
WEBTRENDSBig Data,Content Commerce, SEO & Search AnalyticsView From The Top Profile
Wolper Information ServicesContent CommerceView From The Top Profile
YUDU Ltd.Content Creation 

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