Susan Wolper, President and CEO, Wolper Information Services: The Essential Role They Play in the EContent Eco-System to Expose and Maximize Value of Purchased Information Services

Dec 02, 2014

Susan Wolper

View from the Top by Susan Wolper, President & CEO

Wolper Information Services is honored to be among EContent 100’s “companies that matter most in the digital content industry” for the third consecutive time.

In the days before econtent, Wolper offered a much more straightforward subscription management service for print-only. But the continuing trend toward electronic and digital content and delivery has driven our evolution as an integral value creator in the information supply chain, facilitating and enhancing the exchange between content creators and content users, regardless of format.

WOLPERweb®, our proprietary, cloud-based platform, serves as a portal providing workflow management for our clients’ acquisition, access and self-management of purchased information resources.
In-person and via our online solution, we handle content in all formats – print, online and digital; individual ejournal and ebook titles, ejournal packages, site licenses and databases. WOLPERweb® also enables us to interface with a suite of third-party, best-in-class tools for discovery, full-text article delivery, copyright compliance, and content analytics, which allows even broader, integrated workflow management. WOLPERweb® also integrates seamlessly with other systems, including eprocurement and Integrated Library Systems.

Our signature design balances this robust technology with uncompromising personal service. We call it High Tech, High Touch® and it consistently earns us outstanding marks. Recently, we won Gold in the 2013 STEVIE AWARDS for “Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year” and Bronze in the 2013 BEST IN BIZ AWARDS for “Most Customer-­Friendly Company of the Year.”

Our “e-resourceful” approach fits the needs of a wide range of clients expanding from Fortune 100 companies and other corporate entities to academic and medical institutions, government agencies and public libraries.

For libraries and desktop end-users, information professionals, procurement managers and content providers, we play an essential role in the econtent eco-system, helping to expose and maximize the value of purchased information resources toward whatever goals the organization has.


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