View from the Top: Empolis Information Management GmbH

Dec 02, 2014

Dr. Stefan Wess

View from the Top by Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO

When Big Data meets Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing

Empolis Smart Information Management® combines the capabilities of the digital forces, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence, to the unique demands and challenges faced by enterprises and large organizations.

Smart Information Management and its underlying Artificial Intelligence is paired  with Cloud Services to deliver cheap, reliable and practically “invisible” smartness that operates with every business process.

A very simple example demonstrates the importance of this approach: in modern production, extremely complex machinery is monitored and delivers infinite amounts of data supplied by thousands of sensors. Along the lines of M2M and the “Internet of Things,” big data produced by machinery and equipment becomes increasingly connected. The Smart Service platform utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze these massive amounts of data and, in addition, all relevant documents used in customer service. Downtimes and disturbances are avoided instead of resulting in emergency repairs, thus, leading to higher production security, increased earnings and reliable resource planning for maintenance staff and spare parts logistics.

With the highly integrated “Smart Information Management” approach, Empolis reaches unprecedented results: add value to information, optimize business-critical processes, make sound decisions in real time in extremely dynamic markets, develop marketable innovations, increase efficiency and flexibility in the workplace, and improve operational sustainability.

In addition to the traditional model of on-premise software licenses, Empolis also provides Software as a Service for its full range of solutions.


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