View from the Top: e-Spirit, Inc.

Dec 02, 2014

Robert Bredlau

View from the Top by Robert Bredlau, COO and Managing Director

Choosing the right CMS is a critical, strategic decision for any company.

Get it right, and your website can be a growth engine that powers long-term success for your business. Get it wrong, and your Web presence will lag that of your competitors, costing market share and damaging your reputation.

But can a piece of technology really make that big of a difference? The short answer is a resounding yes.

Let’s say Company A picks a large and complex CMS suite from a well-known vendor. Nobody ever got fired for buying from them right? But the suite turns out to not have all the functionality needed, so programmers and budget get thrown at the problem. Since usability is a problems, lots of training is required to get people up to speed. On and on it goes. Eventually the website gets launched, but you could drive a tractor-trailer through the gap between vision and reality.

The story is much different for Company B. The CMO opted for a best-of-breed CMS with a reputation for being easy to use while offering out-of-the-box integration with systems and solutions that support the entire customer journey across all touch points. Instead of relying on a pre-built suite with limited extensibility, he integrated with the likes of hybris, Demandware, IBM WebSphere Commerce, Liferay, SalesForce, Brightcove, Google, HootSuite, and many other supporting systems to create a robust, flexible and future proof foundation for long-term growth.

As these examples illustrate, software systems are not created equal. We can point to many examples where companies using our FirstSpirit CMS realized an outcome like those of Company B. If you’re looking to upgrade your web presence – and you should be – I hope to hear from you soon about how we can help give your story a happy ending too.


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