Joe Davis, CEO of Webtrends: Measurement Is the Foundation of a Good Digital Marketing Strategy

Dec 02, 2014

Joe Davis

View from the Top by Joe Davis, CEO

At Webtrends, we’re proud to be different, and it’s our unique combination of people, products, solutions and technology that has set us apart for more than 20 years. Our mission is to offer data-driven solutions that help brands better understand their customers in order to increase engagement and inspire action.

Our portfolio of cross-channel, real-time, individualized and actionable solutions pair superior technology with a team of experts who ensure our clients’ unique goals are met at every step. Brands can use all of our solutions in tandem to create the ultimate digital marketing environment or select any individual option that meets their needs.

Digital measurement is the foundation on which all of our digital marketing solutions sit. And with a quality digital measurement solution, brands can truly understand their customers and open the door to powerful marketing opportunities, better experiences for customers and simply better business. Webtrends Analytics® lets marketers measure what matters most. Identify the sequence of steps a customer takes to buy a product. Learn which advertising channels drive the highest quality customers. Find out how a social strategy is impacting the bottom line.

But technology isn’t worth a thing if you don’t have the expertise to use it effectively, so Webtrends offers a dedicated group of experts to ensure success. These trusted advisors can work as part of our clients’ teams – advising, training and helping them meet their goals.

The cross-channel digital journey of the always-connected consumer has become increasingly difficult to understand. But it’s more important than ever for marketers to see the journey clearly and know how to connect with consumers at every touch point. Measurement is the foundation of a good digital marketing strategy and Webtrends is here to assist brands through their own digital marketing journey.


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