View from the Top: Access Innovations, Inc.

Dec 02, 2014

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View from the Top by Jay Ven Eman, CEO and Marjorie M.K. Hlava, President

When Access Innovations was formed in 1978, there was no way to know just how vital information technology would become. Through the combined effort, drive, and desire of president Margie M.K. Hlava and CEO Jay Ven Eman, however, the company has risen to new and exciting heights.

Having created databases for companies since databases started being created, they have improved and enriched the world of data management more than they ever thought possible. The Data Harmony software suite from Access Innovations has continually and constantly improved to keep them at the forefront of information technology and data management.

Recently, in addition to the proven power of M.A.I. and Thesaurus Master, they added inline tagging and semantic fingerprinting to the mix, and are currently developing innovative new uses for ontologies and Linked Data, which keep them on the cutting edge of data management.

They’ve successfully ridden the ever-changing wave of information technology to even greater and more dynamic realms. “It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as CEO of Access Innovations for these 36 years,” states Ven Eman. “But the greatest part is how, after all the content we’ve enriched for thousands of companies, the world of data management continues to feel fresh and new. I am excited about what is coming in the future for Access Innovations.”

Data Harmony software integrates with numerous content management systems, exports taxonomy files in XML and more than 13 other file formats, handles taxonomies in virtually all languages and character sets, and utilizes concept categorization for precise tagging and smarter search.

Access Innovations
4725 Indian School Rd. NE, Ste. 100
Albuquerque, N.M. 87110
toll free: 1-800-926-8328
phone: 505-998-0800
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