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Localizing Customer Journeys — Part 1

Ensuring content effectiveness in every country is easier said than done. Yet there are some major best practices to bear in mind to avoid costly and irreversible faux pas. Read More >>


How Technology, 5G, Familiarity, and Community Shape Mobile Content

The always-on mobile lives we lead have changed our business lives and our personal lives—including the way we think and dream, along with our tastes, habits, and futures.Read More >>

How Good is the Deliverability I’m Getting From My Email Provider?

Of the more than 450 billion emails sent out every day, over 85% are considered spam. Don't be alarmed or discouraged-there are proactive measures you can take to boost your deliverability.Read More >>

When Is It Time for a Translation Management System?

Translation management systems include features that enable organizations to optimize the translation process. Not sure if your company is ready to adopt a translation management system? Here are a few signs to look for.Read More >>

Creative From the Start: How Wiley Creates More Dynamic and Innovative Content

Wiley has transformed from a publisher to an "e-learning company" and it's using Adobe XD to facilitate collaboration and content transformation.Read More >>

EContent Infographic: Mobile Momentum in 2019

Mobile continued to grow in 2019. From ad spend to mobile traffic, the numbers are on the rise--and users are willing to pay for the apps they find most useful. Learn more in this season's infographic.Read More >>

Three Scary Things That Can Happen Without a DAM Solution

Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of digital asset administrators, production designers, marketing managers, or content specialists like incorrect, poorly organized or noncompliant digital assets. Read More >>

What Niche Publishers Know That Mass Media Overlooks

While publishers continue to battle for audience, relevance, and engagement, some niche publishers are quietly making an impact—and money—from narrowcasting. Read More >>

Accessibility Strategies for Your Content Team

There are hundreds of digital accessibility best practices, but we'll focus on a few of the most basic ones that even the most non-technical content creators can make part of their accessibility strategy.Read More >>

Should Public Records Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Outside of public use, public records are being compiled into online databases and used by businesses to segment and target potential customers. Are these records right for your strategy?Read More >>

The Web CMS Project Lifecycle

One of the reasons web CMS projects are so hard is that organizations don't do them very often. Lessons learned are forgotten a year or so after the project is finished, people move on, and, by the time the web CMS is under review again, most of the previously acquired knowledge of the CMS marketplace is out-of-date.Read More >>
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