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Rethinking the Value Proposition of Your Digital Content

Publishing success fundamentally begins with the editorial process of curating and producing great, trustworthy content for your readers, regardless of medium. There is no substitute. Assuming you've already built the content foundation for your brand, now is the time to rethink the value proposition of how and why you distribute content digitally.Read More >>


Key Information Management Trends Shaping Business Today

The enterprise information management landscape is changing rapidly, driven by the need for business agility and scalability in the emerging digital economy. Effective information management is pivotal in properly managing input and output of information on a day-to-day basis.Read More >>

Don’t Believe the Hype: People Are Willing to Pay for Content

As of January 2019, Netflix counted 139 million subscribers, while Amazon reported 100 million Prime subscribers in April 2018. The subscription model extends to the realm of digital media, where long-standing publications such as The New York Times, as well as newer players such as The Information, have built strong subscriber bases. Nevertheless, many companies may be wondering how to build a strong subscriber base or how to retain those subscribers once they have them.Read More >>

Barbarians at the Gate: AI and Copyright on a Collision Course

While the steady advance of applied artificial intelligence (AI) technology promises to dramatically increase the value of computers in daily business life—for example, helping business professionals monitor and analyze what their competitors are doing— AI and machine learning in competitive intelligence and customer insights applications are on a collision course with copyright law and the content publishing industry. Read More >>

Localization Elevates AI Humanization (and Vice Versa)

Automation and human effort come together to improve localization and effectiveness. Read More >>

Reimagining Monetization in a Post-Advertising World

Are publishers moving into a post-advertising world? The short answer is "yes," but it's more complicated than that. It's not that advertising has gone away or even that it will. It's more that the ways in which publishers earn revenue to support their business operations are changing in a digital information environment.Read More >>

Forget Facebook, Publishers Should Invest in Email

Social media may be the star of digital marketing strategies, but email has long been the work-horse. Marketers know this, and it's time publishers follow their lead. Read More >>

American Journalism Project Boosts Independent Journalism to Bolster Democracy

The American Journalism Project is a venture philanthropy organization trying to boost local journalism and increase the visibility and understanding of civic journalism as a public good.Read More >>

Supreme Court Case Highlights the Importance of Applying for Copyright Registration as Soon as Possible

Although copyright protection exists as soon as a work is created or "fixed," the US Supreme Court recently held that copyrights cannot be enforced until a registration is obtained from the US Copyright Office.Read More >>

The Winning Formula for Newspaper and Magazine Publishing Profitability

Leveraging video and FinTech to increase revenues might be one road to salvation for struggling digital publishers. Read More >>

How Serious is Mark Zuckerberg About Keeping Facebook Data Private?

On March 6, Mark Zuckerberg made a commitment to spending the next several years reorienting Facebook's apps toward encryption and privacy. Can we take him at his word? Find out what the digital marketing and data privacy experts think.Read More >>
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