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Three Tips to Optimize CDN Performance

Content Delivery Networks can improve download speeds for end-users, but they aren't a "set it and forget it" solution. Try these three tips to perfect your CDN performance.Read More >>


Gisting Multilingual Content Needs to be Calibrated for International Content Strategies

Wondering what "gisting" is? Get a definition and learn how it fits into your content translation, globalization, and localization plans.Read More >>

Using Content-Driven Commerce to Improve the Customer Experience

Taking a content-driven approach differentiates you from your competitors. Here are three examples of companies that took a content-driven approach, which resulted in increased revenue and improved the customer experience.Read More >>

The Intelligent Translation Era – Breathing Life Back into Brands

For brands trying to reach an ever-growing multicultural audience, let alone global brands, the merging of machine learning and human optimization can help marketers tackle this huge responsibility.Read More >>

Why the Sky is Far From Falling in the Ad Tech Industry

Explore the five ways programmatic ad technology is strengthening the industry for future growth. Read More >>

3 Marketing Predictions for Cannes Lions

This year's Cannes Lions will focus on a number of trends. Expect transparency and accountability, consumer privacy and how publishers make money long-term to be among the biggest areas for pharma marketers—not just at the event, but beyond.Read More >>

How to Reverse Engineer the Customer Experience

Marketers can create a new CX battle plan by "reverse engineering," which involves deconstructing, analyzing, and reworking your company's current customer interactions to help optimize CX more quickly and with fewer resources in the future.Read More >>

A Guide to Chatbots for Publishers

CNN, Business Insider, Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The Guardian, MTV News, TechCrunch, and many more created chatbots. Today, only CNN and TechCrunch still have their chatbots up and running. Conversely, other sectors are still expanding their chatbot offerings, and they are seeing great success with chatbots. Why aren't publishers taking advantage of this technology?Read More >>

Science Abstracts and Scene Clips: What the AV Sector Can Learn from Science Publishing

The EU's new Digital Single Market Directive will disrupt the relationships among digital platforms and audiovisual (AV) rightsholders such as studios and licensees. Here, there are lessons to be learned from science publishing.Read More >>

Popular Site Features That Damage Your Conversion Rates

When it comes to user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) there are plenty of site features and content ideas you might find on competitor websites, or websites belonging to aspirational brands, which aren't actually conducive to success.Read More >>

Transforming the Future of Digital Journalism

Web content management systems come in all shapes and sizes. Bespoke CMSs, open source platforms, and homemade solutions abound. No matter how good or bad the actual system is, it is the quality of the implementation that made the biggest difference. Read More >>
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