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Break Down the Silos of TV and Online Video

The sight, sound, and motion of television creates a powerful branding experience that cannot be replicated with a digital display ad. That said, the targeting and measurement capabilities in OLV increase the effectiveness and accountability of advertising. The answer is not to choose one or the other; it's combining the best capabilities of both TV and OLV into one holistic approach. Read More >>


To Use, Own, or Rent a DMP: What Are The Cost-Benefit Considerations?

Data Management Platforms (DMPs), which in the past were central to a brand's programmatic advertising strategy, are being reconsidered both for usability and cost. Ad-tech has evolved in the last 10 years and so have DMPs, but needs have evolved as well. Given the big budgets that marketers need to operate their DMPs, brands are now asking -- do we even need one?Read More >>

Inside Today’s Spam Filters

The evolution of the spam filter, with increasingly more sophisticated ways for determining which content is contextually relevant to the recipient, has all but eliminated the need to cross-check campaigns against those long lists of words to use and/or avoid. Yet more and more messages get stuck in email purgatory putting the marketer's reputation at risk. What gives? Here we take a closer look at the current state of spam filters.Read More >>

Pichai Testimony Unveils Lack of Technical Understanding on Congress' Part

In what may seem like one of the more comically surreal moments of the Trump administration, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai testified in front of Congress to answer questions like, why does a picture of Trump show up if you Google the word "idiot." It seems like a silly question, but it shows something deeper—many of our elected officials still don't understand the internet.Read More >>

Enterprise Success in 2019: Cloud Solutions and Healthy Content Workflows

As a new year approaches, the need for a hyper-connected content workflow should be top of mind for all enterprises, regardless of industry. Without this, businesses risk being left behind and encountering significant problems.Read More >>

National Data Privacy Law: It's Time

Does the US need a national data privacy law? Companies who understand the importance of data protection can help create better customer experiences. Read More >>

5 Tips to Get More of Your Holiday Emails in the Inbox

The holidays are fast approaching, but it's not too late to make some last minute tweaks to ensure your holiday emails perform as efficiently as Santa's workshop. We all know the holidays are a critical time for email marketers, so every positive change you make can have a real impact on the bottom line.Read More >>

How to Make the Most of Video Content without a Huge Budget

Do you want to include video in your marketing strategy but have a limited budget? Here are a few suggestions to spend your time and money wisely. Read More >>

6 Ways to Prepare Your Website for Global Audiences

If your company works with international customers, or plans to, you might be contemplating a website redesign to stay relevant and competitive. This is also an ideal time to localize that redesigned website in your customers' preferred languages. Learn the best practices for a smooth and scalable localized website redesign.Read More >>

Translation Automation Within the Multilingual Content Ecosystem

In the world of content, automation is having an effect on things such as image, speech, and text processing—and even the creation of written content. In the translation and localization sector, we're seeing automation driven by AI (such as neural machine translation) and by old-fashioned human ingenuity. Automation is used as a competitive advantage by translation companies since in most cases, it results in cost-savings and time-savings for their clients.Read More >>

Q&A: What is Content Experience?

You're used to hearing about user experience and digital experience. But what about content experience? EContent interviewed Randy Frisch, CMO and co-founder of Uberflip, a B2B content experience provider, about what content experience is and how it fits into the overall user experience.Read More >>
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