Jack Welde, Co-Founder and CEO of Smartling: If You Can't Translate Your Content Efficiently, You Can't Do Business Globally

Dec 02, 2014

Jack Welde

View from the Top by Jack Welde, Co-Founder and CEO

In a global economy where 70 percent of the world does not speak English, precise communications across the “other 70 percent languages” can mean the difference between business success and failure. Surprisingly, translation has remained a largely manual process – one that deters businesses with perceived notions of cost and complexity. But, in a global economy, translation technology needs to be thought of as part of an organization’s core technology stack – much like Salesforce and marketing automation. If you can’t translate your content efficiently, you can’t do business globally.

I founded Smartling, a translation software platform company, in 2009 to bring desperately needed automation to the $37 billion global language services market. The Smartling platform enables hundreds of organizations – from emerging brands to Fortune 500 companies – to fully translate their websites, Web apps, mobile apps and other digital content in a fraction of the time and cost required when using traditional translation processes. Smartling’s platform allows businesses to pair high-quality, accurate human translations with translation process automation, enabling them to reduce costs and time-to-market. The bottom line: Smartling enables businesses to better compete globally and reach new markets faster, more efficiently and more affordably than ever before.

At Smartling, we believe all organizations – regardless of size – should have access to affordable, high-quality translation and localization services. We’ve made it our mission to deliver automated translation management technology that truly disrupts the language services industry by drastically reducing the time, cost and labor involved in localizing and deploying multilingual content. There’s a distinct difference between being a global business and doing business globally. And, Smartling empowers organizations to break through the language barrier by reaching global audiences with localized content that fully reflects the way they live, act and speak.


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