View from the Top: Crafter Software Corporation

Dec 02, 2014

Mike Vertal,

View from the Top by Mike Vertal, President and CEO

The evolution of the Web over the past few years has deeply immersed us into a new era of engagement. Enterprises today are continually striving to achieve higher levels of engagement both within and outside the organization through various online channels – striving to provide fresh, personal, and relevant content to each audience on their terms, all through a dynamic end-user experience.

The foundational change impacting content management is driven by three major growth trends – Social, Mobile, and Personal. The Web is becoming increasingly more social and is all about building relationships and sharing experiences. Meanwhile, the growth of mobile access to the Web has impacted the way organizations communicate with employees, customers, partners, and future customers. Most importantly, personalized experiences and dynamically targeted content enables customer engagement at the deepest levels.

In this new era of engagement, organizations seek solutions that provide the flexibility and agility needed to innovate and quickly accomplish the tasks that drive results and propel business growth. Rivet Logic is honored to be recognized be eContent as an industry leader with a new and modern approach to Web content management in this era of customer engagement.

Crafter CMS was built from the ground up as a modern platform for creating more relevant Web experiences through targeted delivery of personalized content. Serving as the lynchpin between enterprise systems and end users, Crafter’s solutions enable marketing, sales and support teams to author and manage content while harvesting analytics and data-driven insights to deliver engaging experiences across all digital channels - the Web, mobile, social, and more.

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