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Widen is a service leader in digital asset management whose cloud-based DAM solutions are built on over 65 years of support, rich media, and creative workflow experience. The Widen Collective is a data-driven visual content hub that enables teams to find, share, review, publish, repurpose, analyze, and archive brand assets on any device, at any time.

The Widen Collective integrates five applications – Assets, Insights, Portals, Templates, and Workflow – to connect teams through each stage of the content lifecycle, from ideas to analytics. The combined toolset helps marketers deliver the right content, to the right audiences, at the right time, across all channels. In addition to Collective, Widen offers professional services that include workflow consulting, dedicated DAM administration, content production, and much more.

600+ organizations and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide trust Widen to power their content every day. Learn more at


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Widen Enterprises unveiled Portals, a new way to share and track content stored in Widen Collective, the company's flagship digital asset management (DAM) system. Portals enable marketers to curate sets of assets for dealers, franchisees, agencies, and other partners who tell their brand stories.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 28, 2017
If the last 10 years have taught us anything, it's that virtually anybody can be an author, photographer, videographer, voiceover talent, or subject matter expert-thanks to ubiquitous tools like smartphones, blogs, and social media sites that allow everyday people to post and publish text, photos, video, and audio galore. Which begs the question for companies: Why not tap into these public resources more often as a free and valuable source of content for your brands and products?
News/News Feature - - Posted Sep 30, 2015
Widen Enterprises announced the release of Smartimage version 4.0, a solution for simple, cloud-based image management. As small businesses continue to create more visual content, Smartimage looks to empower use of those images with simple management and distribution. The most recent enhancements to the solution include public and custom portals, batch editing, and quick search.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 07, 2014
Widen Enterprises, a provider of digital asset management (DAM) software, launched new content distribution and collaboration features with version 7.2 of the Widen Media Collective. The latest version of Widen's flagship DAM system will make it easier for creative and marketing teams to manage complex projects, distribute content, and track engagement across the internet.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 03, 2014
Widen Enterprises has released a new version of the Widen Media Collective, its digital asset management (DAM) solution, featuring asset-level analytics, stylized collections, video clipping, and updates to the mobile app and REST API. Version 7.1 continues to add new features to Widen's flagship DAM solution based on customer-driven ideas that allow marketing and creative teams the ability to extend their digital assets to greater audiences and better understand the value of their digital library.
News/News Item - Posted Apr 01, 2014
Content marketing is big business and predicted to get even bigger in the months and years ahead. While "content farms" drove content development for some time, consumers are becoming more discerning and more demanding about the information they consume. Readers have become attuned to and weary of content that amounts to "dreck," says Rachel Parker, founder and CEO of Resonance Content Marketing in Houston. "It's not that audiences are becoming more demanding," she says; "it's that they're on to the practice of buying dreck from content farms, slapping it into a blog post and expecting your audience to thank you for it."
News/News Feature - - Posted Jan 29, 2014
The 2013-2014 EContent 100, a list of the 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry.
Editorial/Feature - December 2013 Issue, Posted Dec 02, 2013
The EContent team suggests some sites, projects, and resources that, while outside the scope of the EContent 100 list, are well-worth a closer look.
Editorial/Feature - December 2012 Issue, Posted Dec 21, 2012
Online ad technology company Vizu announced the availability of a series of case studies developed to evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches to social media advertising. A survey Vizu conducted says 63% of brands it polled said they planned to increase advertising on social media sites, the company believes these studies will help companies looking to widen a brands' reach.
News/News Item - Posted May 21, 2012
The government sector finds itself between two pressure points: the public's demand for content access and up-to-date information and that same public's demand for costs to be kept down. As a result of these technological and economic requirements, open source technology—which allows source code to be publicly available—has quietly become the solution of choice for government entities at the national, state, and local level.
Editorial/Feature - - July/August 2010 Issue, Posted Jul 05, 2010
Widen Enterprises, a premedia and software services provider, announced the release of its spring update (Version 5.3) of the company's Digital Asset Management (DAM) application.
News/News Item - Posted May 08, 2009
With so much enterprise information now residing online and in overlapping applications both inside and outside firewalls, with employees and contractors dispersed in offices around the globe, and with software as a service becoming an everyday part of enterprise architecture, the need for flexible and secure identity and access management has become of foremost importance for any organization.
Editorial/Feature - - April 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 27, 2009
Widen Enterprises, a premedia and software as a service provider, announced the release of its Summer Update.
News/News Item - Posted Aug 08, 2008
Widen Enterprises has released Media Collective version 4.3, designed with rich media transformations, improved interface design, and systems integration using web services.
News/News Item - Posted Jul 20, 2007
Widen Enterprises, a hosted provider of marketing and creative applications, has released Media Collective 4.2, a Digital Asset Management (DAM) and catalog publishing solution.
News/News Item - Posted Mar 16, 2007
Widen Enterprises, Inc., a software provider of workflow tools and systems for marketing execution, creative support, and sales enablement has released its Media Collective version 4.1, a Digital Asset Management system with a three-time-per-year release cycle.
News/News Item - Posted Dec 19, 2006
Widen Enterprises, a hosted provider of marketing and creative applications, has launched Media Collective v 4.0, a digital asset management solution.
News/News Item - Posted Oct 06, 2006
IBM and Collaborative Learning Network provide the Nechako Lakes School District with a robust educational portal to help it provide adequate educational resources to all of its students, regardless of the size or financial resources of their local schools.
Editorial/Case Studies - - April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2006
Widen Enterprises, a graphic arts and graphic communications company, has introduced the newest version of its digital asset management system, the Widen Media Collective.
News/News Item - Posted Sep 16, 2003

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