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From encrypted passwords to firewalls, a company will expend immeasurable amounts of energy and money to protect its information. Just keeping data safe from outside assaults is an on going task, but company outsiders are no longer the only ones who pose a threat. Insiders with unlimited access to sensitive data can cause just as much damage to an organization as the average hacker. On July 13, 2010, Imperva, a data security company, aims to mitigate the problems that accompany securing sensitive information with the release of SecureSphere File Security.

Posted Jul 13, 2010

Information security firm Cadre Computer Resources Co. joined forces with Quaresso Software Technologies to offer a browser information protection solution. The program, Protect on Q, uses a web-based integration management console to engage security protocols around their users to protect sensitive information.

Posted Jun 22, 2010

Copyright Clearance Center announced a sales representative agreement with Reprints Desk. The agreement will allow Reprints Desk to serve as an authorized sales representative for Rightsphere, a CCC-validated rights management tool used to access current and complete CCC license data and re-use permissions.

Posted Jun 17, 2010

Teradata Corporation, SAP. and Capgemini announced the release of Teradata Intellectual Property Rights Insight, a new centralized content licensing rights and performance analysis solution. The software provides entertainment studios a central management location for numerous dimensions of intellectual property rights, including availabilities, contract expiration, and current title performance.

Posted Jun 15, 2010

News Corp. announced the acquisition of Skiff, an electronic reading platform developed by the Hearst Corporation. Financial terms of the Skiff acquisition were not disclosed, but come on the heels of News Corp.'s continued moves towards monetizing its digital content. The company also announced a significant investment in Journalism Online.

Posted Jun 15, 2010

Awareness Technologies, creators of the InterGuard SaaS-based unified internal threat management platform, announced that the company has raised $6.5 million in capital through the involvement of former Perimeter eSecurity CEO Brad Miller and First New England Capital (FNEC), a Connecticut-based private equity firm.

Posted May 20, 2010

A new service allows users to create shortcuts to direct object identifier (DOI) names, reducing the need for a long string of numbers to be recorded. The service, called shortDOI, is now available to the public from the International DOI Foundation (IDF).

Posted May 11, 2010

ECM provider Open Text Corporation will include Rights Management Services (RMS) in the Open Text ECM Suite. The new feature will allow Open Text customers to safeguard confidential and sensitive information from unauthorized uses, even after it leaves the company's hands.

Posted May 06, 2010

ISI's information technology team began to suspect an increase in unauthorized account activity, but a diverse userbase across dozens of countries made it hard to collect hard data to quantify the problem.

Posted Apr 30, 2010

OnCopyright 2010, a 1-day event held at the Union League Club in New York City and sponsored by the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), tackled the issue of copyright from four vantage points: art, society, technology, and law. The 19 experts from these four sectors provided insights into the changing parameters of remixing, mashups, collaboration, and disruptive technology.

Posted Apr 23, 2010

The question bellows this year from every podium, in every digital media conference panel, and in reams of articles. Will users finally start paying for their online content when so many alternatives crowd a search-driven, user-generated, all-you-can eat buffet of free? Well, we'll spare you the suspense. The short answer is: Online, users already pay for content.

Posted Apr 07, 2010

Two documents from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) aim to provide internationally harmonized guidelines for archiving patient information. "Health informatics-Security requirements for archiving of electronic health records-Principles" and "Health informatics-Security requirements for archiving of electronic health records-Guidelines" discuss records maintenance, retention, disclosure, and eventual destruction.

Posted Mar 23, 2010

MobiTV, Inc. is offering a mobile and secure digital rights management (DRM) service to its customers. Using MobiTV DRM, users can download content to their mobile devices and watch it offline whenever they want.

Posted Mar 23, 2010

Springer advanced its relationship with the Copyright Clearance Center, a not-for-profit organization providing copyright licensing solutions for various forms of publishing.

Posted Mar 05, 2010

Network security firm Fidelis Security Systems added a new feature to its Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System (XPS), a next-generation network security platform.

Posted Mar 05, 2010

Data security firm Imperva announced the European availability of its new discovery and assessment services (DAS).

Posted Feb 12, 2010

VASCO Data Security Inc. has extended its DIGIPASS for Mobile authentication program to Windows Mobile users.

Posted Jan 22, 2010

Fidelis Security Systems, a provider of data leakage prevention (DLP) products, has released a new version of its Fidelis Extrusion Prevention System (XPS).

Posted Jan 22, 2010

iCopyright announced a new billing and licensing service designed to supply content to business and enterprise users.

Posted Jan 19, 2010

IBM and data protection company Bocada expanded their ongoing relationship to provide advanced data protection and backup services for IBM's clients.

Posted Jan 15, 2010

Oxford University Press (OUP) has signed an agreement with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to license the reuse of approximately 100,000 books and journals from the U.S. and Oxford University Press in the U.K.

Posted Dec 22, 2009

Non-profit Copyright Clearance Center announced that John Wiley & Sons selected CCC's Rightslink platform as the online licensing solution for the publisher's portfolio of scientific journals and encyclopedias.

Posted Dec 08, 2009

Atypon Systems launched an updated and refined version of its RightSuite identity and access management solution for publishers.

Posted Dec 04, 2009

IBM has acquired in real-time enterprise database monitoring and protection company Guardium.

Posted Dec 01, 2009

A new version of the ACAP Technology Working Group's Automated Content Access Protocol has been released.

Posted Oct 16, 2009