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Content personalization is on all content creators' minds. That takes many different forms, but one element of targeting the right audience and delivering the right content to them is as simple as catering to their age group. Each age demographic has a unique psychology and world view that influences the decisions they make-including what content they consume. What attracts one demographic will not necessarily attract them all. So how do you get your content in front of the right audience?

Posted Jul 29, 2015

Simulmedia announced the release of INSIGHTS, powered by its VAMOS platform. The INSIGHTS application is a self-service online portal through which clients can access reporting for their campaigns, request future campaign options, and receive fast and interactive results. This application is the latest extension of VAMOS, Simulmedia's platform that powers all of its campaign optimization, execution, and reporting.

Posted Jul 21, 2015

Marketers have long been plagued by problems related to attribution and accurately calculating ROI. How do umbrella marketers know if their ad worked, or it just happened to rain that day, creating a spike in sales? AOL hopes to help with that. In a blog post, AOL announced, "Using our one-of-a-kind machine-learning model, the platform considers thousands of variables to accurately assign credit across every touch point - online, TV, mobile, catalog, direct mail, and more - that might ultimately lead to a desired customer action." This will be available as part of ONE by AOL: Attribution or standalone in Convertro.

Posted Jul 14, 2015

Contently has announced its Contently Analytics platform, a new dashboard that provides one centralized intelligence center where you users can track, optimize, and report on their entire content marketing operations. Contently Analytics provides visualizations of three specific kinds of data: production, performance, and distribution.

Posted Jun 30, 2015

Marketers have long relied on third-party data for their data-driven marketing efforts. But the most successful data-driven marketers are using first-party data at a significantly higher rate than other marketers, according to a new report from Econsultancy and Signal.

Posted Jun 25, 2015

Megalytic, an analytics reporting software as a service, announced an integration that allows customers to directly connect Google AdWords accounts for improved paid search reporting capabilities and accuracy. Megalytics says this is an example of its efforts to incorporate all major data sources needed by digital marketers to communicate performance.

Posted Jun 24, 2015

Simulmedia, an audience-targeting television advertising company, is working with Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP) to give Simulmedia TV campaigns the same level of accountability as other digital marketing initiatives. Through this technology integration, marketers and advertisers who currently use Oracle DMP to synchronize their offline and online customer data can track the performance of their Simulmedia TV campaigns to determine how they influence direct business outcomes.

Posted Jun 23, 2015

LeadSift, a provider of social media intelligence solutions, announced that OMERS Ventures and Salesforce Ventures have invested in the company. The company says the investment will further product development efforts and fuel sales and marketing.

Posted Jun 18, 2015

Evergage, a provider of real-time personalization, published the results of a new survey that found 91% of marketers either use or intend to use personalization for online customer interactions within the next year. Furthermore, 49% of marketers surveyed intends to increase their budgets for personalization over the year ahead, with 80% planning to increase them by more than 10%.

Posted Jun 18, 2015

Marketing services company Connexity Inc. announced that it has acquired PriceGrabber a retail lead-generation platform and network. Together the combined company will be a source of high intent shopping leads. PriceGrabber says its expansive shopping-focused publisher network offers more than 2,000 retailers marketing access to tens of millions of high intent shoppers each month from online shopping destinations such as Yahoo!, and

Posted Jun 16, 2015

Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, updated its Salience sentiment analytics platform. The company says Salience now offers quicker, more accurate processing, easier configuration of query topics in accented languages such as Portuguese and Spanish, and the ability to contextualize sentiment statements using Boolean search logic. Salience is Lexalytics' on-premise text analytics engine that processes over three billion documents per day.

Posted Jun 09, 2015

What happens when five powerful publishers band together to form a programmatic ad network, allowing advertisers to buy advertising space on The Economist, CNN International, The Guardian, Reuters, and Financial Times? The short answer is Pangaea. A longer answer, or at least longer-term one, is that no one is quite sure yet.

Posted Jun 08, 2015

Journalists have long relied on numbers to support narratives. Some in the field have even been doing deep dives into the data to find the stories buried inside-that's not new. But fresh interest, new data sources, and cheaper tools are mainstreaming what was once an advanced and specialized area of the newsroom. Today, even more reporters are translating columns and rows of information into compelling text and impactful visuals.

Posted Jun 01, 2015

Jumpshot, a marketing analytics platform, announced it has received $22 million in Series A funding from Avast Software. Jumpshot will use the funds to scale operations and enrich its two core offerings: the Jumpshot Plus web platform and Jumpshot Strategic Analytics.

Posted May 28, 2015

Marketers are predicted to spend $11.5 billion on data and related solutions across the three most prominent channels (email, direct mail, and display advertising) in 2015, according to recent research by Winterberry Group and DMA - demonstrating data's increasing value in today's marketplace. This expected spending represents a growth of more than one billion dollars over five years, driven by advances in technology. This finding is one of many in DMA's 2015 Statistical Fact Book.

Posted May 28, 2015

Rhiza, an online platform that helps marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable, announced the launch of Rhiza for Marketing, a new tool designed to sort through large datasets and pinpoint actionable insights. Using the product, marketers can discover granular characteristics on existing and prospective customers.

Posted May 21, 2015

Gamut, a digital media services company owned by Cox Media Group that serves agencies and publishers, programmatically and direct, announced the launch of GamutHD. The new feature, which is already available on Gamut's exchange, aims to provide more transparency and rich data around impressions bought and sold on the open exchange. Gamut says the feature has improved existing impression data 70% of the time, while adding net-new fields 40% of the time.

Posted May 19, 2015

Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-premises text and sentiment analytics solutions, announced the availability of a wizard and graphical user interface (GUI) for its Semantria software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and Excel plugin. The new wizard, called SWIZ, is part of the Semantria Online Configurator, SWEB 1.3.

Posted May 14, 2015

Yahoo announced that the Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite now includes analytics for the Apple Watch. Like Flurry Analytics always has, Yahoo is making analytics for the Apple Watch available to developers for free.

Posted May 11, 2015

Rocket Software announced the launch of Rocket Discover, a self-service, intuitive data preparation and discovery solution to give business managers and executives the speed and confidence to make key decisions. Rocket Discover allows users to easily access, manipulate, prepare and visualize data to expose insights and help them make critical business decisions.

Posted May 05, 2015

NUVI, a solution for real-time social media listening and reporting, announced a partnership with DataSift, a Human Data intelligence provider, to give access to aggregated and anonymous Facebook topic data for NUVI customers. Having access to this information gives marketers a deeper understanding of the topics people are engaging in on the world's largest social platform and the ability to turn this information into actionable insights. With NUVI's custom dashboards, customers will be able to see aggregate and anonymized insights such as age ranges and gender on Facebook posts.

Posted Apr 30, 2015

Kony, Inc., an enterprise mobility company and SOASTA, a provider of performance analytics, announced a partnership that combines both companies' capabilities to optimize the performance of enterprise mobile apps across the mobile application development lifecycle. Through this partnership, Kony and SOASTA will work together to integrate technologies and combine expertise to deliver a comprehensive, integrated mobile solution across the DevOps lifecycle for customers.

Posted Apr 23, 2015

Provalis Research announced the integration of WordStat, a text analysis software, with Stata, a data analysis and statistical software. This new collaboration couples the numerical analysis of Stata with the text analytics functionality of Provalis Research. The combined technologies will enable business analysts and researchers to perform thorough statistical analysis and process unstructured data in a much faster and more accurate manner.

Posted Apr 16, 2015

Boston-based Bedrock Data announced the launch of its data integration platform for businesses, along with $3.11 million in Series A funding led by .406 Ventures. This announcement marks the official launch of the company after over a year of development, testing, and customer on-boarding.

Posted Apr 16, 2015

RevTrax announced the introduction of RevTrax Advisors, a suite of offerings designed to evaluate and optimize the digital marketing mix. RevTrax will provide in-depth assessment, benchmarking, and strategy and analytics services for the promotions space.

Posted Apr 09, 2015