Content Delivery

Newstex, the Content On Demand company, has announced that corporate conference call transcripts from Seeking Alpha, a network of stock market and personal finance websites will be delivered via the Newstex Finance Newsfeed.

Posted Jun 30, 2006

Dialog, a business of The Thomson Corporation, has announced that a collection of more than 400,000 government-sponsored research reports distributed by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) is available through the Dialog online service.

Posted Jun 23, 2006

Glenayre Messaging, a division of Glenayre Technologies, Inc. and a global provider of messaging solutions, has announced its new Active Messaging content offer, a pairing of the company's Versera Active Messaging capability with a content delivery platform and content portfolio.

Posted Jun 20, 2006

As our content divides, sub-divides, and disperses like so many amoeba into the new digital mediaverse, anxiety must be running high among media companies. Ad dollars visibly drained from network television and print this past year, and most media budgets are fully in play now. Advertising allegiances are fluid, as big-brand accounts flip daily from agency to agency, and chief marketing officers warn the whole ad business that they better start coming up with answers to this growing problem of how to focus the scattering eyeballs of a fragmented landscape and deliver measurable results. Many in the media and ad industries are predicting doom, gloom, or at least a long passage through chaos.

Posted Jun 19, 2006

Knovel Corporation, a provider of web-based information services, has enhanced the functionality of a research tool for engineers worldwide.

Posted Jun 16, 2006

Thomson ResearchSoft, a business of The Thomson Corporation, has announced an upgrade to EndNote, bibliographic management software for researchers, librarians, and students.

Posted Jun 13, 2006

Newstex, the Content On Demand company, has announced new additions to the Blogs On Demand product from blogs covering state and local politics, events, and issues.

Posted Jun 09, 2006

iAnywhere, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced the general availability of RSS features for its AvantGo mobile Internet service.

Posted Jun 09, 2006

Geffen Records has selected FeedBurner, a feed management provider, to manage web feeds for its artists’ content, including Mary J. Blige, Lifehouse, Weezer, Snoop Dogg, Rob Zombie, and others.

Posted Jun 06, 2006

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., an RSS platform company, has announced the release of NewsGator Enterprise Server (NGES) 1.3, the latest version of its enterprise RSS aggregation and distribution platform.

Posted Jun 02, 2006

Internet TV provider Brightcove and Limelight Networks, an Internet content delivery network for digital media, have announced a partnership to bring advanced services and business models to the Internet TV industry.

Posted May 26, 2006

Mirror Image Internet has announced that a major upgrade to its global Content Access Point network is underway.

Posted May 23, 2006

ExtraLabs Software has announced the release of Feed Editor 3.7.

Posted May 19, 2006

Pheedo, RSS marketing and analytics provider, has released its third quarterly “Pheed Read” report, providing RSS publishers, advertisers, and users insight into RSS usage patterns.

Posted May 19, 2006

MindTouch, a provider of appliance-based Intranet wiki solutions for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB)market, has announced it is recruiting authorized reseller partners to market, distribute, and support its MindTouch Managed Office Server (MOS) solution.

Posted May 16, 2006

Every month, PlayStation 2’s online network draws millions of users from across a wide range of demographics, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Once in the system, users generate their own screen names, input titles for their games, and can communicate with fellow players via text messaging. All this text is potentially visible to the entire online community, creating the need for a way to monitor these lines of text and filter out anything vulgar or that wouldn’t be considered family-friendly. SCEA turned to Teragram for its complex, multi-language filtering needs.

Posted May 16, 2006

Swets Information Services has released the 4.2 version of SwetsWise, its Web-based, modular service for the procurement, access, and management of subscriptions and online information.

Posted May 12, 2006

PDFreactor, the latest product from RealObjects, is a formatting processor for converting XML and XHTML/HTML documents into PDF.

Posted May 09, 2006

CambridgeDocs has announced xDoc Server Version 2.02, and with it the ability to publish Microsoft Word .DOC files to PDF in a cross-platform environment.

Posted May 09, 2006

NewsGator Technologies, Inc., a RSS platform company, and iUpload, a provider of enterprise blogging, have announced a new partnership enabling publishers, corporations, and other organizations seeking to use social media technologies to build communities, and allow users to create, capture, and share information.

Posted May 09, 2006

The announcement of the Sony eBook Reader, expected out this month, triggered a flurry of speculation about the ebook market. We at EContent aren’t immune: We wrote about its Japanese predecessor (LIBRIé), covered its CES debut, speculated on its potential impact on the ebook market, and are angling for a review unit (as is every other media outlet on the planet). Sure, I’m interested in any delivery mechanism for digital content and the opportunity it offers as another content outlet, but damn, the new Sony Reader is just so small and hot!

Posted Apr 28, 2006

The University of Toronto and Coutts have announced a co-operative effort in bringing ebook content to the University, designed to enhance remote access for students and staff from all campuses.

Posted Apr 25, 2006

Information-security problems caused by metadata, like the Pentagon fiasco from last spring, are becoming a pressing issue for the government and many corporations, are concerned that may transform the way information is shared online. The National Security Agency (NSA)—charged with protecting U.S. government information systems and producing foreign signals intelligence

Posted Apr 13, 2006

The “badware” problem—the plague of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, and similar applications that hurt business and consumers alike—has become so pervasive that three major technology companies, two universities, and a consumer’s watchdog group have banded together in an attempt to deter these malicious software programs.

Posted Apr 10, 2006

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of information and services solutions, and Newstex, a Content On Demand company, have announced an alliance to deliver Newstex Blogs On Demand via the LexisNexis online service.

Posted Apr 07, 2006