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Being the owner of two of the most important e-readers on the market puts me in a unique position to speak to the best and the worst of what e-readers have to offer. In my view, the Kindle - iPad comparisons I have read are usually based on a rather arrogant assumption: that reading books is, somehow, a more worthwhile intellectual pursuit than magazines, newspapers, or other content sources.

Posted Jul 08, 2010

That Facebook is no longer just a way for college students to list their favorite bands is not news to anyone. Businesspeople, politicians, corporations, and civic organizations are setting up profiles and using them as important parts of their marketing and networking campaigns. Dyyno, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based video distribution company, is looking to capitalize on these trends with a new Facebook app designed to integrate a user's online broadcasting efforts into a Facebook profile.

Posted Jul 02, 2010

SpringerOpen will cover all disciplines within the science, technology and medicine (STM) fields and will be offered in cooperation with BioMed Central, the company announced. This means that the entire collection of SpringerOpen journals is fully and immediately open access, and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection without a subscription.

Posted Jun 29, 2010

OCLC is offering a new service where users can find information on WorldCat via Twitter. In order to access the service, #Ask4Stuff, a user inputs the hashtag into a Twitter message with keywords to be searched.

Posted Jun 29, 2010

Financial Markets Framework, a new technology platform aimed at designed to help financial services firms manage data and transaction volumes generated by capital markets around the world. Financial Markets Framework, an open standards-based technology platform, is designed to increase speed and security while lowering latency and the need for monitoring and involvement.

Posted Jun 22, 2010

Barnes & Noble, Inc., in attempt to gain an advantage in the increasingly-crowded e-reader market, announced the addition of the nook Wi-Fi to the company's line of products. The nook Wi-Fi will be the least expensive Barnes & Noble e-reader, at $149.

Posted Jun 22, 2010

Kno, Inc. unveiled its digital textbook and dynamic learning platform specifically designed for college students. Kno, a two-panel touchscreen tablet, is engineered to support textbooks, course material, note-taking, web access, educational applications, digital media, sharing and more.

Posted Jun 08, 2010

Lexink, a film production, information technology, and advertising company, announced the establishment of its new digital media resale tool. UNLODER, the platform in question, is designed to allow digital media venders to sell their wares at a lower price, helping to eliminate the temptation for customers to resort to downloading material illegally.

Posted Jun 08, 2010

American electronics company Marvell joined forces with Hanwang, a Chinese e-reader manufacturer, to produce the Marvell ARMADA166E, a new product intended to provide the global e-reader market with a competitive, low-cost competitor to current offerings. The ARMADA 166E, due out this fall, features an epaper display and a processing center capable of running the latest Android, Linux, and WinCE operating systems and viewing ePub and PDF files.

Posted Jun 01, 2010

Ebooks have moved out of the niches and into the mainstream, and this panel demonstrated how players of all types are examining the opportunities they present. Not surprisingly, one of the primary concerns forum expressed is confusion given the number of devices and competing standards on the market It is time to rebuild the ebook infrastructure from the ground up.

Posted May 31, 2010

News roulette started out, like so many other projects, with an idle conversation between friends. Intrigued by the idea, Daniel Vydra went to his computer and designed an application that would call up a random article published in The Guardian in the previous 24 hours. Vydra's Random Guardian application is not a major corporate initiative or an attempt to change the way we view news-Random Guardian only took Vydra "2 or 3 hours" to create.

Posted May 28, 2010

Aptara, a digital publishing solution developer, is helping VitalSource, part of Ingram Content Company, make publishers' content accessible to readers with disabilities. By providing content development and conversion services that include tagging specifically for Section 508 of the Federal accessibility guidelines, Aptara's publishing customers will be able to take advantage of VitalSource's Bookshelf e-textbook platform.

Posted May 27, 2010

The number of mobile app downloads will increase from 7 billion in 2009 to an astonishing 50 billion in 2012. That translates into a $17.5 billion market by 2012. Even if these numbers are wildly exaggerated, and there is no reason to believe they are, this is a huge market and it's no wonder content providers everywhere are clamoring for a piece of this action. These numbers are enough to get anyone's attention, but there are many roads that can lead to app success… or failure, so content players need to get an accurate lay of the land.

Posted May 26, 2010

Ebook distributor OverDrive announced that it will release a series of apps that will combine ebooks, audiobooks, and interactive and multimedia content into a single application. The apps will be available for both mobile and desktop operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry.

Posted May 20, 2010

Adobe announced the launch of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5, a next-generation, full-featured printing software application that lets users create end-to-end workflows for graphically rich publishing based on Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The product is built around the new exchange standard for Variable Data Print production - PDF/VT.

Posted May 20, 2010

LibreDigital announced that it has closed an $8.1 million Series C funding round led by new investor S3 Ventures, with participation from existing investors Adams Capital Management and Triangle Peak Partners. The company's other key investors include HarperCollins Publishers, The New York Times Company, and Noro-Moseley Partners.

Posted May 20, 2010

MyCopy, the ebook publishing service, Springer Science+Business Media, will be available to the company's European library customers. MyCopy allows Springer customers to order a softcover copy of any Springer ebook for their personal use by clicking on a button on the Springer platform.

Posted May 18, 2010

VitalSource Technologies Inc., an Ingram Content Group company, announced an "accessibility release" for its VitalSource Bookshelf etextbook platform. The new version of VitalSource Bookshelf includes the new DTD (Document Type Definition) v3.4 and VitalSource's "MathSpeak" program which adds rich English-language articulation to MathML tags.

Posted May 18, 2010

The latest version of PressReader, optimized for the Apple iPad, is now available for download from the iTunes App Store. PressReader's iPad incarnation offers a selection of more than 1,500 newspapers and magazines from 90 countries in 46 languages.

Posted May 11, 2010

Borders, having entered the digital space, is now taking pre-orders for the Kobo e-reader, and will unveil a new ebookstore of the same name next month. The ebookstore will be device-agnostic and feature more than a million titles.

Posted May 11, 2010

All across Kenya and in the rural parts of Africa, digital villages are emerging. These spell a new dawn for people by opening up a whole new world that is rich in information and faster communication channels that will most definitely empower them to become better students, better citizens, better farmers, and skilled workers.

Posted May 04, 2010

NewspaperDirect, a multichannel distributor of original-format, digital daily newspapers, announced that the service has reached 1,500 titles. They also announced the addition of support for the Barnes & Noble Nook to the range of e-readers, mobile phones, and other handheld devices already supported by the service.

Posted Apr 29, 2010

ohn Wiley & Sons, Inc. offers a website that allows potential e-reader buyers to compare one device to another. The site,, compares 13 current models of e-readers, including offerings from Apple and Amazon, among others.

Posted Apr 20, 2010

Although evidence continues to suggest that students and consumers in general are not yet ready (if they ever will be) to entirely give up print as an information source, e-readers, e-technology, and etextbooks are becoming increasingly common. As consumers become more familiar with the options that technology provides in terms of lower cost, personalized access to information, and accessibility anytime, anywhere, the impact on the textbook market is unavoidable.

Posted Apr 14, 2010

The Wonderfactory, a New York-based digital strategy and design agency focused on publishers and advertisers, and WoodWing Software, a supplier of innovative cross-media publishing solutions, have collaborated to develop a set of tools enabling publishers to quickly and easily produce content for the iPad. The two companies plan to help magazines, book publishers, and advertisers create and distribute interactive content to the iPad and other mobile devices.

Posted Apr 08, 2010