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The rapid advance of ad-blocking tech turns up the pressure on content owners to seek more engaging and effective ways to monetize their assets. While the results of strategies aimed at delivering content and communications aligned with our context in the mobile moment are impressive, the progress is overshadowed by the steep decline in digital advertising revenues.

Posted Mar 28, 2017

In an age where consumers are exposed to more brand messaging and sales tactics than they know what to do with, creating top-notch content is the key to showing the world exactly what makes your brand stand above the rest in conveying your unique selling proposition.

Posted Mar 08, 2017

Research from comScore in 2016 showed that 49% of US smartphone owners downloaded zero apps in the last month caused concern in the app marketing ecosystem. New research from Dimensional Research commissioned by YouAppi, a mobile growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, highlights optimism among mobile marketing professionals responsible for app marketing and user acquisition.

Posted Feb 23, 2017

If there is one trend which defined mobile advertising in 2016 it is the growth of location-based mobile video ads, which jumped from around 5% mid-year to 17% of all mobile video ads run in Q4 2016 according to Positive Mobile's mobile video SSP.

Posted Feb 16, 2017

YouAppi, a mobile growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, announced it has expanded its OneRun Platform to now include Re-engagement. According to data from YouAppi's initial re-engagement campaigns, between 20-40% of inactive users re-engaged with their apps.

Posted Feb 14, 2017

UNE has launched their Mobile Advertising Index allowing marketers to quickly discover and evaluate the best advertising partners of the moment, so they can optimize return on ad spend and strategically scale their target audience. Using the Mobile Advertising Index, marketers can rank advertising partners and learn their proficiencies, their reach, how well adopted they are, where they perform well internationally, and more.

Posted Feb 14, 2017

Retale, a technology company that develops mobile-first shopping experiences, announced the acquisition of Out of Milk, a shopping list app on Android in, with close to ten million downloads. Out of Milk delivers on Retale's core mission - to provide mobile products and services that meet shoppers' needs at every stage of the customer journey.

Posted Feb 09, 2017

Zuznow and IBM announced a joint cooperation to empower enterprise customers to leverage the Zuznow development platform to automate front-end development projects. IBM and Zuznow have been partnering for the last 2 years and this is another step forward in the joint cooperation between the two companies.

Posted Feb 07, 2017

Following the biggest year ever for consumer activity via the mobile channel, an underwhelming number of executive level marketers understand the necessity of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving consumer preferences for mobile engagement, according to MobileBridge's first edition of its Mobile Marketing Trends Report.

Posted Feb 02, 2017

Smartling, a global language translation and content localization innovator, announced the widespread availability of its proprietary Mobile Delivery Network, building on the company's comprehensive Mobile Localization Solution.

Posted Feb 02, 2017

Tapjoy, a mobile monetization and engagement platform, released the findings of research it conducted to understand the mindset, motivations and behaviors of today's mobile gamers. Designed to shed light on this massive and desirable consumer audience for brand advertisers, the report is the first of its kind to answer questions such as how games make players feel, when they most frequently play mobile games, and whether or not they identify as gamers.

Posted Jan 24, 2017

In July 2016, the mobile world was opened up to tantalizing new possibilities with the release of Pokémon GO, an augmented reality (AR) game from Niantic that overlaid Pokémon (various creatures with special features and clever names) in users' real-life settings. Engage with a Pokémon, and, suddenly, there the creature is—in your living room, your backyard, or your local retail store. It wasn't long before marketers began eyeing the possibilities for leveraging the huge popularity of this game.

Posted Jan 23, 2017

Demco, Inc. announced the launch of Demco Software, a new division that offers mobile apps, programming resources, and management tools to help 21st-century libraries better engage their communities.

Posted Jan 19, 2017

The once high-flying ebook industry endured its second consecutive year of flat sales growth in 2016, renewing doubts about the platform's ability to attract print readers and ward off competition from other forms of digital entertainment. Experts are mixed about the industry's future, with predictions of continued stagnant growth contrasting with predictions of a resumption of sales momentum.

Posted Jan 18, 2017

Brookfield Residential introduced its latest new home project, The Smart Home powered by Amazon Alexa. The Brookfield Residential Smart Home, built in close collaboration with Amazon, integrates voice-enabled automation, incorporating the Alexa platform.

Posted Jan 12, 2017

Push notifications can be a great help in your everyday marketing, but there is one important limit. Your contact will receive it only if he agrees to it. That's why your push notifications must be well-designed, strategized, and, most importantly, personalized.

Posted Jan 11, 2017

FanHero, a U.S.-based mobile monetization and media platform says it is taking a different approach to how celebrities engage their followers. By providing a white label app that is fully supported with a personalized growth team, FanHero says it gives celebrities full control of their content and allows them to directly reach 100% of their audience.

Posted Jan 05, 2017

According to a new study, 53% of people in the UK and France who use mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp has interacted with a company via mobile messaging, or is open to doing so as long as they can block brands they are not interested in. But to avoid a consumer backlash, companies need to ensure messaging interactions are highly personalized and responsive.

Posted Dec 22, 2016

Slangwho, the multi-platform, content news aggregator curated by mobile users, announced the official launch of its distraction-free news sharing application available on iOS and Android devices. Slangwho, free for all users, is singularly focused on providing consistent news content each individual user wants to follow in a simple, elegant feed while minimizing distractions from social media and sponsored content.

Posted Dec 22, 2016 - a technology provider with digital solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, connect, and scale applications across mobile, web, and IoT - announced Flow On-Prem, a new deployment option and architecture for its award-winning integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow.

Posted Dec 20, 2016

While it's essential for companies and marketers to master mobile communication, their focus on amassing technology glosses over the increasing importance of tone. They need to rethink how they should address an audience that's empowered by mobile, eager for new experiences, and feels entitled to personal, relevant, and convenient communications.

Posted Dec 20, 2016

The right tools are an integral part of getting any job done. In the world of digital content tools are plentiful, so finding the right one for you can be tricky. That's why we ask the experts what tools they use to get their jobs done. In this month's installment, we talk to Ashley Taylor Anderson, Director of Content, Ceros.

Posted Dec 09, 2016

"The translation industry is overdue for a major disruption to catch up to the 21st century," according to Marisa Bowers, senior director, global account management at CSOFT. Like everything else related to the mobile web, speed is paramount when it comes to translation, and CSOFT is trying to address that concern with its Stepes product.

Posted Nov 30, 2016

Watch today's opening keynotes from the Gilbane Digital Content Conference.

Posted Nov 29, 2016

Outbrain unveiled its latest version of Outbrain for Chat and announced partnerships with publishers around the world. Time Inc's People,Variety, Time Inc UK's NME, Sky News, and Nikkei Asian Review will deliver news, information and lifestyle content to readers in a personalized, private message via "Outbrain for Chat."

Posted Nov 29, 2016