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FatWire Software announced the next generation of its FatWire Mobility Server, giving organizations the ability to enable their mobile web presence. With the server, organizations can incorporate a mobile channel as a key component of their marketing and customer experience initiatives.

Posted Jan 18, 2011

The NPD Group, Inc. signed an agreement to acquire In-Stat, LLC, an analyst-based research company focused on the mobile and digital entertainment industries. The acquisition will expand NPD's global coverage of analyst businesses in these markets. NPD also owns DisplaySearch, an electronics market research and consulting firm.

Posted Jan 06, 2011

VIZIO is expanding into the mobile market with the VIZIO smartphone and tablet. The two devices are part of the VIA Plus ecosystem, a system of apps and technology from VIZIO that features a unified user experience across multiple devices, including HDTVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones, and tablets.

Posted Jan 04, 2011

According to a report released by ABI Research, mobile devices might turn out to be the best delivery method for bringing 3D technology into the mainstream market. The company contends that 3D mobile devices will comprise over 11% of the total mobile devices market by 2015.

Posted Dec 21, 2010

Amazon delivered an update to its Kindle for Android app that enables users to buy, read, and sync over 100 Kindle-based newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, Newsweek, and The Atlantic. Users can choose to buy a single issue or subscribe to newspapers and magazines, which will then be automatically delivered to an Android-powered device.

Posted Dec 21, 2010

Springer announced the Springer API Challenge 1.0, a competition for original, noncommercial applications using Springer metadata and content APIs. The challenge is a bid to offer users new ways to find data from Springer's content database. Springer created the API Challenge in the interest of product development.

Posted Dec 16, 2010

Copia book clubs have gone virtual, allowing members to read each others thoughts in the margins of their ebooks and to create discussions online about the books they are reading. Readers can share thoughts, highlight important or moving passages, recommend books, and engage with their peers and community in a digital manner.

Posted Dec 09, 2010

HighWire Press launched the HighWire Mobile Web Interface for six American Heart Association journals. The Mobile Web Interface is a publication website optimized for smartphone devices and is the first of a suite of mobile products from HighWire, which includes full text apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as an RSS-driven iPhone app and support for the Kindle reader.

Posted Dec 02, 2010

New research from Parks Associates finds preferences for mobile apps over web browsers are growing among younger demographics, impacting the market for mobile content, and accelerating the flow of advertising dollars to app-based content services.

Posted Nov 30, 2010

The app economy has officially arrived. The hard truth: It's not a single market, and one-size-fits-all app schemes won't deliver. Will app stores be on-deck (operator-managed) or off-deck (direct-2-consumer)? Or will the prevailing model be paid apps or ad-supported apps? So many open questions and the answers are "all of the above" and everything in between.

Posted Nov 22, 2010

The United Nations-based World Summit Award announced the winners of its contest to determine the best mobile content and apps. The winners will be called on stage at the Abu Dhabi Gala on December 6th. India and the United States led the field with 4 awards each in the 8 categories of the WSA-mobile. Russia and Germany scored high in content quality with 3 winners each. The contest saw participation from more than 420 products from nearly 100 UN member states.

Posted Nov 16, 2010

Cambridge Journals Online, the online publishing service for journals at Cambridge University Press, has launched a mobile version to help readers browse or carry out research on the move. CJO Mobile (CJOm) offers a streamlined version of the journals platform CJO and allows users to search for journal content, read articles, save favorite articles, and register for journal content alerts on their hand-held devices. Anything saved in mobile can be picked up again when back at a desktop machine, and vice versa.

Posted Nov 16, 2010

On Monday, Facebook revealed the details of its rumored "Project Titan," a communication project that was speculated to be a rival to Google's popular Gmail service. The service, which will exist within Facebook itself and give users the option to acquire a email address, seeks to combine several different forms of communication into one interface, including SMS, email, and instant messaging.

Posted Nov 16, 2010

Atypon, a provider of publishing and media software, announced that Informa Healthcare selected Literatum for Mobile to provide its mobile content delivery strategy. Informa Healthcare, which is a division of Informa plc, publishes authoritative research and analysis, as well as up-to-date news for all sectors of the healthcare and life sciences community.

Posted Nov 11, 2010

Adeptol, a developer of document viewing technology, released a new mobile viewer based on HTML5 technology that lets users view documents on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and other mobile phones and tablet devices. Adeptol's Mobile Viewer is a high-speed mobile and smart phone document viewing program built with HTML5 technology, which lets users send a document link to anyone and let them view the document on their phone or tablet device without the need to download a client or application.

Posted Nov 11, 2010

Sony announced that its wireless Reader Daily Edition is now available in select retail outlets and online at The new Reader Daily Edition can take advantage of both wi-fi in addition to AT&T's 3G network and will give users the ability to browse, purchase, and download books, as well as select newspapers and magazines. The Reader Daily Edition also features optical touch screen technology, which improves reading clarity.

Posted Nov 11, 2010

The Washington Post released its iPad app, currently available for download in the App Store. The app combines The Washington Post's articles and other content with social media, sharing capabilities, and multimedia.

Posted Nov 09, 2010

Keynote Systems launched MITE 2, a tool for mobile content testing and verification. Using MITE 2, mobile content developers and operations teams can test and verify mobile web content using a built-in library of 1,800 devices and 11,000 devices profiles.

Posted Nov 09, 2010, a site that combines social networking with an online store to help users find the best apps and other digital content for their mobile devices, has launched. Debuting with a catalogue of more than 10 million apps, songs, books, games, and videos, the site is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and ebook readers.

Posted Nov 09, 2010

Thomson Reuters released the BoardLink iPad app, a productivity tool for boards of directors and corporate secretaries that will allow these users to make informed decisions while out of the office, in addition to helping the business meet compliance and regulatory obligations. Among the key features of the app are its ability to keep documents organized from one board to the next, the delivery of timely headlines and articles dealing with emerging business and legal trends, and board and company meeting tracking.

Posted Nov 09, 2010

Demandware, Inc. launched Demandware Mobile, a mobile web storefront for companies selling direct-to-consumer. The product integrates with and extends any ecommerce platform, including ATG and IBM WebSphere, and it enables retailers to quickly launch a mobile storefront with enterprise-class features.

Posted Nov 09, 2010

Vizrt Ltd., a provider of content production tools for the digital media industry, announced an agreement with Informa plc, a UK-based publishing company with over 2,500 subscription-based information services in their portfolio. As a result of the agreement, Informa plc will use Vizrt's new Viz App Framework to publish its magazines to portable devices such as iPads and Android smart phones.

Posted Nov 04, 2010

It's happened to you plenty of times. You're standing in the checkout line at the grocery story, half-heartedly gazing at all the vacuous gossip magazine covers that proclaim the latest reality show stars' divorces or the most recent travails of that Hollywood celebutante who seems to be in constant transit between rehab and jail, when you think longingly to yourself, "If only I had access to the latest issue of the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter right now."

Posted Nov 03, 2010

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, launched two new mobile apps: AccessMyLibrary Public Edition for Android, and AccessMyLibrary College Edition for iOS. The AccessMyLibrary (AML) family of apps allows students to more easily find credible library reference sources, rather than manually sift through sources that may or may not be reliable.

Posted Nov 02, 2010

Canto announced new mobile apps, based on its Cumulus service, for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry mobile devices. The suite of apps, named SuduS, allows Cumulus users to access files, production status updates, and catalogs remotely.

Posted Oct 19, 2010