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Mobile Future partnered with the Analysis Group's David Sosa, Ph.D. and Mac Van Audenrode, Ph.D. to conduct a study that reveals mobile broadband's role in boosting the United States economy. The study, titled "Private-Sector Investment and Employment Impacts of Reassigning Spectrum to Mobile Broadband in the United States," concludes that reassigning 300 MHz of additional spectrum to wireless networks would spur $75 billion in capital spending, creating more than 300,000 jobs and $230 billion more in GDP. By reassigning 200 MHz of new spectrum would create 200,000 jobs and increase GDP by $155 billion, the paper predicts.

Posted Aug 02, 2011

Mobixell Networks, a provider of rich media mobile data solutions, released a clientless solution that lets users view Adobe Flash video content on iOS devices. Mobixell Seamless Access 5 allows mobile operators to deliver Adobe Flash video content to subscribers using an Apple iPhone or iPad, which normally do not support Adobe's video and media format.

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Vringo, Inc., which designs software platforms for mobile social and video applications, announced the completion of a $2.5 million investment that took the form of a private placement of convertible notes in the amount of $2.5 million, primarily to venture capital firms Benchmark Capital and DAG Ventures.

Posted Jul 28, 2011

Elsevier B.V. and iSpeech collaborated to develop an audio reader application for SciVerse Applications beta. iSpeech, provider of cloud-based speech technology and mobile apps, devised its Audio Reader as an enhancement for the SciVerse ScienceDirect content, enabling researchers to listen to scientific articles.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Amid a push to streamline operations, Research in Motion (RIM) plans to cut 2,000 of its 19,000 employees as part of a "cost optimization program." The layoffs accompany some shifts at the top of the workforce as well.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Apple is enforcing its new in-app subscription rules for ereader apps, which require that apps be stripped of links to external sites for purchasing digital books or subscriptions. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo have since complied with the new terms, removing links to their bookstores from their iOS apps.

Posted Jul 26, 2011

The Food and Drug Administration (FDAhas proposed guidelines that outline the mobile apps the agency plans to oversee-medical apps that could present a risk to patients if the apps don't work as intended. The proposed guidelines8 were posted on the Federal Register website Thursday, July 21, 2011.

Posted Jul 21, 2011

AT&T announced that it will be the exclusive U.S. mobile broadband provider for the "Sony Tablet" S2 (currently a codename), a dual screen, multi-functional tablet to be launched by Sony Corporation plans to launch later this year. The "Sony Tablet" S2 will be 4G-capable and will also support wi-fi access and is designed for both business and entertainment use.

Posted Jul 14, 2011

The iriver Story HD e-reader arrives in stores on July 17 for $139.99, and will be the first e-reader integrated with the open Google eBooks platform. The Story allows users to browse, buy, and read Google eBooks on the e-reader through Wi-Fi. It features a high resolution HD E Ink screen and a keyboard.

Posted Jul 12, 2011

Brainshark, Inc., a developer of online and mobile video presentations, released the Brainshark App for Android, which is available for free in Google's Android Market. The app is designed to provide a more interactive experience for users when they view Brainshark video presentations on Android-based smartphones and tablets.

Posted Jul 07, 2011

WoodWing is augmenting its Tablet Publishing Solution with a new program that's designed to help more publishers deliver digital issues of their daily, weekly, or monthly tablet editions. WoodWing´s new CDS Go! program targets smaller tablet publishers rather than larger enterprises, providing a more flexible and useful billing mode for small- and mid-sized businesses and agencies.

Posted Jun 30, 2011

CEM4Mobile, a customer experience management solution for mobile devices, rolled out the latest release of its eponymous mobile tool with an Open Export Interface for back office integrations. The new functionality allows for the easy exchange of analytics data with existing business support systems. The mobile analytics solution was also recently extended to fully support mobile operators' business case through direct mobile network integration capabilities.

Posted Jun 23, 2011

Meet the five new fundamentals of the information experience. Whether it's on a desktop monitor or a tiny mobile screen, ‘information experience' is the moment when the user experience and information-intensive applications meet. Over the past few years, as the volume of structured and unstructured data within organizations has exploded and the channels on which that information is consumed has diversified, content consumers have been revising their expectations for what qualifies as an acceptable information experience.

Posted Jun 22, 2011

Cloud9 IDE, Inc., a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) for web and mobile applications, raised $5.5 million in a round of funding from Accel Partners and Atlassian Software. The series A funding round provides the necessary support for Cloud 9 IDE to reach its goals in the emerging development-as-a-service (DaaS) market.

Posted Jun 21, 2011

we7, a cloud-based music streaming service in the U.K., closed a new round of funding that will allow the company to expand into Europe and continue to grow in the U.K. and Ireland. Using we7, 3 million unique users each month create personal radio stations with specific artist or song requests, and stream music from a library containing more than 7 million songs.

Posted Jun 21, 2011

AT&T announced the availability of AT&T Mobile Barcode Services, which allow businesses to create, publish and manage 1D (UPC) and 2D (QR and Data Matrix) barcodes. AT&T Mobile Barcode Services include AT&T Code Scanner, a free mobile application preloaded on many AT&T mobile devices, that uses smartphone cameras to scan barcodes found in magazines, stores, websites and billboards.

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Digital Element, a provider of geolocation and IP Intelligence technology, is extending its NetAcuity Edge online marketing international geographic data set. NetAcuity Edge targets down to ZIP code and postcode levels, helping use geolocation to provide more targeted advertising. The non-cookie-based technology helps advertising networks, web publishers, search engines, social networks and analytics platforms offer a more personalized online experience while protecting user privacy.

Posted Jun 16, 2011

OverDrive launched the free OverDrive Media Console app for Windows Phone. The app will give readers at 15,000 public, school, and corporate libraries the ability to download ebooks and audiobooks directly to their Windows Phone. Users can use the app to find a library that offers digital books, and then download EPUB ebooks as well as MP3 audiobooks.

Posted Jun 16, 2011

Despite the worldwide economic slowdown in key markets, mobile spending-as a means to deliver effective marketing messages and campaigns to acquire and retain customers-is unquestionably on the rise. Indeed, from simple display ad campaigns aimed at boosting brand awareness to more ambitious cross-media strategies integrating a mobile call to action, brands and media companies have never been more active in mobile.

Posted Jun 13, 2011

SAGE announced that it would be working with the HighWire Mobile Web interface to format its entire collection of online journal sites for mobile. When accessing a SAGE journal site on iPhones, Androids or other smartphones, viewers will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

Posted Jun 07, 2011

appMobi revealed several enhancements to game creation within its HTML5 mobile app development platform, which are designed to show developers that HTML5 is fast enough for mobile game development. appMobi introducing DirectCanvas, which accelerates the HTML5 canvas element, speeding graphic rendering by up to 500%, making HTML5 sufficient for programming any type of mobile game.

Posted Jun 07, 2011

The Financial Times has launched a new, faster and automatically updating app available directly through a web browser at The FT is the first major news publisher to launch an app of this type, which will allow readers to access its journalism across a broad range of tablet and smartphone devices.

Posted Jun 07, 2011

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Google announced Google Wallet, a mobile payment platform that allows Android device users to "tap to pay" and garner the loyalty rewards from a particular store using a mobile device. During the press conference, Google said it expects 2011 to be the year of "mobile local" -- or "MoLo."

Posted May 26, 2011

By now, most of us know the basic ingredients for a good website. The mobile experience, though, is still a relatively new concept compared to the traditional web—so figuring out how to provide the best mobile search interface remains a work in progress. Yet organizations with digital content are wasting no time working with the technology to expand their traditional web search capabilities into the mobile space.

Posted May 25, 2011

On May 17, in Boston, Mass.-the same city that gave us the first telephone call and first email-information professionals gathered at SIIA NetGain 2011, to discuss how organizations can integrate major information trends into business models to promote growth and expand customer reach. With "road trip to innovation" as its catchphrase, and with sessions that tackled topics such as the use of social media in marketing, SIIA NetGain presented attendees with a variety of strategies to help them not only survive in today's competitive market, but to succeed in the future.

Posted May 19, 2011