Jake Athey

Jake Athey is VP of Marketing at Widen.

Articles by Jake Athey

Nothing strikes terror into the hearts of digital asset administrators, production designers, marketing managers, or content specialists like incorrect, poorly organized or noncompliant digital assets.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Oct 31, 2019
I'd like to explore an unusual perspective on DAM investments—one that digs into the purpose of DAM, the evolutions of brands, and the pace of change in digital marketing. DAM, I will argue, is a technology that guards against erratic, unintended change.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted May 03, 2019
If we examine ourselves like an archaeologist trying to piece together the habits, beliefs, and norms of a distant culture, we can better understand our ourselves. Why do we create this content the way we do? Perhaps we can reverse engineer the unspoken ideas that shape our work today.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jan 30, 2019