Ian Brooks

Ian Brooks is Global Digital Strategist at Lionbridge

Throughout his 15-year tenure at Lionbridge, Ian has worked as a software localization engineer and digital content expert, as both a project lead and client consultant. For the past 10 years, he has developed and optimized solutions for global marketing clients—to help streamline operations and transition to new markets across multiple digital channels and platforms. Now a member of the Global Digital Marketing Services SME (subject matter expert) team, Ian strategizes and develops global marketing solutions based on client needs and market dynamics. He also provides consulting services to help customers meet their unique business challenges. Ian graduated with a degree in computing from the Tallaght Institute of Technology in Dublin.

Articles by Ian Brooks

In today's evolving digital era, marketers' quest toward stellar, customer experience-driven content is never ending. As much as organizations would love to discover the secret to global content marketing before their competitors do, this is easier said than done.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Mar 15, 2017