Dr. Olly Downs

Dr. Olly Downs is a machine learning scientist and serial technology entrepreneur, credited with bringing advanced analytics and machine learning methods to bear as the creative spark behind numerous early-stage technology companies. Downs is currently CEO and chief scientific/technical officer at Amplero and advises businesses in online display advertising, context aware computing, location-based services, spatial reasoning, semantic technologies, broadcast data services, social graph analytics, and individualized medicine, through his company Analytical Insights, Inc.

Articles by Dr. Olly Downs

In marketing, we've reached an inflection point where the volume of data and processes required to run personalization initiatives at scale have outstripped human capability (even highly skilled ones). The micro-targeted customer experience is simply unsustainable with a traditional technology stack leveraging manual data modeling and human-curated, rules-based decisioning.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Dec 12, 2016