David Skerrett

David Skerrett is a highly awarded digital & mobile strategist, speaker & thought leader based in the UK. He tweets from @skegz and is the Managing Partner of Nimbletank.

Articles by David Skerrett

Chatbots are hot right now. They're rapidly changing from just a buzzword within the creative and marketing industries into a real emerging marketplace and new interface with the potential to radically alter the mobile landscape-—and the mobile moments that occur between brand and consumer.
Editorial/Mobile Moment - July/August 2017 Issue, Posted Aug 14, 2017
Think for a minute about the seismic shift technology has created in CX over the last few years. We are only really getting started on creating services that solve customer problems, rather than applying technology to brand opportunities.
Editorial/Mobile Moment - May/June 2017 Issue, Posted Jun 19, 2017
As Mary Meeker once predicted, money is now flowing to where consumers are spending their time. And yet, 2016 also started to spell the end of the phrase mobile-first, as Google coined a new, important phrase: AI-first. Mobile-as-a-device is becoming the connecting tissue between channels. As such, it's seen less as a device and more as a means for connecting deeply with your consumer in the moments that matter.
Editorial/Mobile Moment - March/April 2017 Issue, Posted Apr 24, 2017
At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, GSMA revealed that there are now more mobile connections than people on the planet. Looking at the Goliath that is Apple, there are now 2 million apps in the Apple App Store. There have been 130 billion apps downloaded, and developers have earned $50 billion in revenues. Apple will likely sell 200 million iPhones this year--which are more powerful than the computer used to put a man on the moon. We replace our phones every 2 years for another one that is more powerful and has more sensors. Mobile now accounts for more than 50% of traffic for the majority of brands.
Editorial/Mobile Moment - September/October 2016 Issue, Posted Oct 24, 2016