Frank Gilbane

Frank Gilbane is President of Bluebill Advisors, Inc., a consulting and analyst firm covering information management technologies, and founder of the Gilbane conferences. Frank was previously President of Outsell Inc’s Gilbane Group, founder and CEO of Gilbane Group Inc, Publishing Technology Management Inc, a co-founder and Managing Director of Technoforum SARL and the Documation conferences in North America and Europe, and Publisher of the Gilbane Report. He was deeply involved in information standards and technologies in the 80s and 90s, including the markup and style languages SGML and DSSSL, the parents of HTML, CSS, XML, and XSL, content management and information integration. He also spent eight years as a software developer and manager working on publishing and information management technologies.

Articles by Frank Gilbane

Digital experience (DX) covers a lot of territory—so much so that discussions about DX technology often result in a consensus that collapses as projects surface incompatible expectations. Customer experience had a similar problem, getting way out of hand with expectations of omnichannel, including brick-and-mortar stores. If you've been around enterprise software for a while, you'll be familiar with software category labels outgrowing their britches and acting like they can do anything, if you'll forgive the anthropomorphizing.
Editorial/Feature - Autumn 2018 Issue, Posted Nov 26, 2018
Marketers, intranet managers, publishers, and the IT professionals that support them not only need to understand the specific product technologies that support core domain functions, they also need a working knowledge of the technologies they interact, integrate, and overlap with.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Oct 07, 2016
In most ways content management is very mature, but in one important way it is not: there is too much focus on new projects, new toys, and new buzzwords, and not enough on maintaining and managing content, technology, and process lifecycles – in other words, on operations.
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Sep 09, 2016
The death of the Content Management System (CMS) market has been predicted many times over the years because of constant market consolidation. But for every CMS vendor acquired, new vendors emerged. This is still happening. But in addition, CMSs are growing in capability, and both CMSs and Content Management Components (CMCs) are being integrated into all kinds of platforms and applications. Is the CMS market finally headed to death by dilution? Is it "eating the world"?
Editorial/Commentary - Posted Jul 12, 2016