Brittany J. Maroney

Brittany J. Maroney is the Director of Communications for ZOG Digital, with primary responsibilities for the company’s communication programs, brand management, and public relations. She has worked in strategic content development and digital strategy roles at several companies, including national media organizations, the hospitality industry and technology firms. She regularly speaks on digital marketing and it's future impact on industry verticals. 

Articles by Brittany J. Maroney

It is a mistake to assume that content development is an assumed talent, or that it can be an afterthought in the digital marketing realm. Content strategy is more than writing for the web. There is a science and strategy behind developing quality content for web pages, blogs, advertisements and social media. And although every successful copywriter must have a foundation of basics writing skills, such as subject matter expertise, an engaging style and tone, and basic grammar usage, there is much more to being a content king.
Editorial/Industry Insights - Posted Jun 29, 2016