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Ton Reamy is a Knowledge Architect/Intranet Consultant.

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Metadata is not going away, and there is no one simple solution to how to add metadata and maximize its value. So let’s take a look at some of the basic issues around adding metadata to unstructured content and explore a range of approaches that various groups and software vendors are trying.
Editorial/Feature - October 2004 Issue, Posted Oct 15, 2004
"In two years, KM will be a subset of elearning. Or elearning will be a subset of KM." That Gartner prediction, cited in Rosenberg's book e-Learning, was made three years ago. Neither variation has come to pass. Instead, the interactions of the two fields continue to increase and there seems to be a widespread agreement that KM and elearning are converging.
Editorial/Feature - October 2003 Issue, Posted Oct 13, 2003