Tony Shaw

Tony Shaw is the publisher of the Semantic Universe journal, and educational chairman of SemTech, the world's largest semantic technology conference. Shaw has broad expertise in the assessment of emerging technologies and facilitates the elite TTI/Vanguard strategy forum for CTOs.

Articles by Tony Shaw

In marketing, data is power. But up until recently, the flow of data has been a one-way street.
Column/Guest Columns - Posted Sep 21, 2010
New technologies are being pioneered to exponentially increase doctors' access to medical knowledge and, in turn, the chance of finding new cures. These technologies are being developed by the same people who originally created the World Wide Web. They are called semantic technologies, and are currently being explored, improved, and applied to healthcare in a movement known as Health 3.0.
Column/Guest Columns - Posted Aug 17, 2010
In an increasingly paperless world, does the publishing industry stand a chance? Absolutely. The semantic evolution of web publishing could cut costs, save time, and increase ad revenue.
Column/Guest Columns - Posted Jun 17, 2010