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Nepal is not a place many Americans think about on a daily basis. An oblong nation about the size of Arkansas, wedged between India and China, Nepal is perhaps most famous for its oddly-shaped flag and for being home to eight of the 10 tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. Nevertheless, business software and information services provider Reprints Desk is taking an interest in this nation of nearly 29 million, partnering with a charity called Room to Read to build a library in the mountain nation.
News/News Feature - Posted Aug 10, 2010
That Facebook is no longer just a way for college students to list their favorite bands is not news to anyone. Businesspeople, politicians, corporations, and civic organizations are setting up profiles and using them as important parts of their marketing and networking campaigns. Dyyno, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based video distribution company, is looking to capitalize on these trends with a new Facebook app designed to integrate a user's online broadcasting efforts into a Facebook profile.
News/News Feature - Posted Jul 02, 2010
News roulette started out, like so many other projects, with an idle conversation between friends. Intrigued by the idea, Daniel Vydra went to his computer and designed an application that would call up a random article published in The Guardian in the previous 24 hours. Vydra's Random Guardian application is not a major corporate initiative or an attempt to change the way we view news-Random Guardian only took Vydra "2 or 3 hours" to create.
News/News Feature - June 2010 Issue, Posted May 28, 2010
Since its founding in 2002, InQuira has concentrated on delivering business intelligence software to companies, primarily on the customer service side of the equation. Now, the San Bruno, Calif.-based company is using the same approach to tackle inefficiency in sales with the April 27 release of InQuira SalesIntel.
News/News Feature - Posted Apr 27, 2010
study by the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) shed some light on the issue of speed versus accuracy in online journalism and the secrets to profitability.
News/News Feature - May 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 19, 2010
Prerecorded television that is watched later greatly affects the accuracy of television viewership ratings. Nielson's new rating system counts viewers who records their their program with DVR or online streaming.
News/News Feature - April 2010 Issue, Posted Apr 07, 2010
When a 15-year-old kid doesn't know or care what people think about him, he tends to get a boost in punk-rock credibility. When a company doesn't know or care what people think about it, it tends to go out of business. Brand and reputation management is obviously important to a company, and Amherst, Mass.-based Lexalytics is trying to bring the kind of analytical advantages enjoyed by large corporations to smaller companies with Lexascope, the company's latest web-based API for the masses released Tuesday, March 23.
News/News Feature - Posted Mar 25, 2010
The IPSO Alliance, which promotes the use of internet protocol (IP) for smart object communications, has added a new heavy hitter to its lineup: Google.
News/News Feature - March 2010 Issue, Posted Mar 17, 2010
Ships at sea rely on satellite communication for internet access, as the obvious considerations of distance and mobility make any other kind of connectivity impossible. However, satellite communication is extremely expensive, relatively slow, and unreliable, having a marked effect on ship-to-ship communications. With the increasing use of computers in naval operations, a reliable, fast network between ships became an increasingly attractive option for the Navy.
Editorial/Case Studies - March 2010 Issue, Posted Mar 17, 2010
Detroit is, undoubtedly, among the cities hardest hit by the recession. The city's biggest employers have been under siege, and abandoned homes line the streets. Thanks to a $40-million deal with Houghton Mifflin Co., Detroit's public schools are now on the leading edge of a technological movement to replace printed textbooks with computer software. They aren't the only ones.
News/News Feature - January/February 2010 Issue, Posted Jan 25, 2010
LTU Technologies started out as a small Franco-American company set to blaze a new trail in the ecommerce industry, but ended up as a classic example of how things don't always work out as planned. According to founder and CEO Alexandre Winter, the company's original business model was to offer image recognition software for mobile ecommerce. Despite some twists and turns, LTU announced on Monday, Nov. 2, the release of LTU engine/ON demand-a far cry from how the technology was originally intended to be used.
News/News Feature - Posted Nov 03, 2009
Some of the biggest and most twisted information knots lie in the data banks of the world's largest organizations: Fortune 500 companies and the American armed forces. Future Point Systems, a small, privately-owned company from Mountain View, Calif., has set out to untangle those knots with its flagship program, Starlight Visual Information System.
News/News Feature - Posted Aug 25, 2009