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Steve Barth is an award-winning journalist for more than 30 years, was a founding editor of Knowledge Management magazine. He blogs at

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Articles by Steve Barth

Today's content has no respect for yesterday's silos. Documents and assets end up on pages, screens, and devices—or, inevitably, all of the above. That means extra work for designers and developers to constantly manage and repurpose material. It also means extra pressure for them to operate outside the comfort zones of their original disciplines.
News/News Feature - November 2008 Issue, Posted Oct 14, 2008
The art, science, and craft of typography are thousands of years old. Today, more than 550 years after Gutenberg, anybody with a personal computer can self-publish and anyone with an internet connection can be read by millions. But somewhere in the democratization of the displayed word, many of the traditional lessons of message and meaning have been forgotten.
Editorial/Feature - January/February 2008 Issue, Posted Jan 31, 2008