John Blossom

John Blossom is the president and senior analyst of Shore Communications, Inc., which provides consulting and research services to guide marketing efforts in enterprise and media publishing.

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Articles by John Blossom

After a whirlwind of economic adjustments in 2009, publishers and content technology companies are hoping that the belt-tightening that they have undertaken this year will set the stage for renewed health in 2010. While there are polls and forecasts that seem to bear out these expectations, there are many unknowns that may lead to unpleasant surprises and challenging environments next year.
Column/Guest Columns - December 2009 Issue, Posted Nov 24, 2009
The annual EContent 100 list provides an opportunity to consider the industry as a whole, and it reflects the content industry’s need to look at its present and its future from many perspectives. Long gone is the era in which print, online, audio, and video media formed distinct publishing markets, as is the time when enterprise firewalls defined the boundaries of where professionals discovered professional-grade content.
Column/Guest Columns - December 2007 Issue, Posted Nov 15, 2007