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Mark Terry is a freelance writer and editor specializing in health, biotechnology and clinical diagnostics. He is the online managing editor of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News and an editorial advisory board member for Washington G-2 Reports. In addition to several novels, Mark Terry is the author of Washington G-2 Reports' "Laboratory Industry Strategic Outlook 2007," "Laboratory Market Leaders Report 2007," and Insight and Intelligence's "Telemedicine and e-health: Intelligence and analyses for a growth market."

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Articles by Mark Terry

Basis Technology recently announced an initiative to create the next generation of digital forensics products. Basis Technology specializes in multilingual information retrieval, focusing on the problem of searching, sorting, classifying, and organizing information in many different languages. The company’s clients include Google, Microsoft, MSN Search, Yahoo!, AOL, and numerous others.
News/News Feature - May 2006 Issue, Posted May 16, 2006
The Health Record Network Foundation (HRN) has started a number of pilot programs to create a market for automated online health information. The goal is to create a voluntary online medical record system where patients can enter their medical history and allow access for their physicians or other medical providers. HRN’s first three pilot programs are with the Duke University School of Medicine (North Carolina), the state of Wyoming, and the Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Brian Baum, CEO of HRN, says, “This idea means the consumer can start the process. They can go online anywhere, anytime, and initiate the creation of a personal health record, storing things like a family health history, medication list, allergies, who their clinical care team is—just basic information that’s within their control.”
News/News Feature - May 2005 Issue, Posted May 05, 2005