Kathleen Reidy

Kathleen Reidy, a former portal market analyst at Giga Information Group and product manager at Sun Microsystems, is now a freelance technology writer.

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Articles by Kathleen Reidy

While their spelling would make your English teacher cringe, the brevity and simplicity of SMS (Short Message Service) messages can’t be be denied. Long the rage in Europe and Asia, SMS is exploding in the U.S. As it takes off, companies of all types are exploring how to use SMS as a content delivery mechanism, a marketing tool, and a platform for internal communications.
Editorial/Feature - September 2004 Issue, Posted Sep 17, 2004
As the portal market matures, users are looking at more innovative ways to combine external content with their internal systems, and recent and emerging standards just may make the process easier for portal providers and customers alike.
Editorial/Feature - May 2004 Issue, Posted May 17, 2004