Webtexttool SEO Tool

May 02, 2016

Webtexttool is the only worldwide and easy to use SEO tool for non-experts.

Webtexttool is an affordable online solution that allows everyone to optimize their internet content to significantly improve Google rankings and generate more website traffic and sales.

Being on the first page of Google search results is very important for each website, because more than 70% of all clicks are on these first 10 results. With an ever growing number of websites, competition for these top spots keeps increasing. Add to this the frequent algorithm changes of Google and other searchengines. Doing SEO in the right way is a big challenge for the vast majority of website owners and copywriters.

Existing SEO solutions are expensive and/or complex and require a lot of SEO knowledge.

Webtexttool stands out from other SEO solutions on the market because it's so easy to use, doesn't require SEO knowledge and is affordable.

With webtexttool you can:

1. Analyze your website to get actionable SEO improvements

2. Optimize your content with advanced keyword advice and realtime content optimization suggestions

3. Monitor progress with the built in Page Tracker that allows you to track Google Rankings and content optimization scores.

Visit www.webtexttool.com for a free trial account.


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