Podcast: Peter Krogh on Metadata and Digital Image Preservation

Mar 17, 2008

EContent editor Michelle Manafy interviews Peter Krogh, author of The DAM Book and Microsoft Icon of Imaging, about the importance of metadata in digital image preservation. Krogh provides tips for photographers as well as insights into the industry's role in long-term image preservation.

Peter Krogh is the author of The DAM Book a widely used reference on digital asset management for photographers. A professional and personal photographer for more than twenty years, Peter is a passionate advocate for both the photographer and the photograph. In 2007, Peter was named a Microsoft Icon of Imaging. He is on the Board of the American Society of Media Photographers and instigated the push for digital photographic standards known as the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines--or UPDIG. Peter is also working on a project for the Library of Congress, in an effort to identify and disseminate best practices for digital photography handling.

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