true[X] and Innovid Partner to Bring Engagement Ads to Living Room Devices

Oct 19, 2017

true[X], an engagement advertising platform for on-demand, interactive media, and Innovid, a video marketing platform, announced their first-to-market strategic partnership that powers Engagement Ads for living room TV devices. This partnership has debuted with the launch of engagement-powered viewing for FX Network’s Fall 2017 content on the Roku platform and is now available to all true[X] long-form video partners. Over the coming months, choice-driven ads will be rolled out across all Fox Network Groups living room apps via many streaming devices.

As consumer consumption of digital video viewing surges from over-the-top (OTT) devices, this type of advertising model is particularly interesting for leading brand marketers to tap into the power of interactive advertising in TV. true[X], using the Innovid platform, has created Engagement Ads purpose-built for living room devices. By interacting with an Engagement Ad, viewers are given the ability to watch their content with significantly reduced ad loads while guaranteeing the full attention of the viewer with a marketing message.


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