nDreams "Digital Archipelago" Attracts 1,000,000 Visitors

Jun 23, 2011

UK virtual publisher, nDreams, recently launched a floating archipelago called Aurora, a virtual environment situated within the PlayStation Home virtual world. The virtual environment is free to users and can be used to play games, purchase virtual real estate, and win online rewards. According to nDreams, Aurora has received over a million visits, more than the Taj Mahal and the London Eye combined.

As part of the launch, nDreams ran a competition called Aurora War which pitted over 300,000 players from different countries and continents against each other. North America beat their European rivals in the battle of the Atlantic, but Portugal and Switzerland wound up ranking as the top two individual countries.

nDreams and Sony are currently offering a free Aurora "Orbrunner" set as part of the PlayStation Welcome Back Pack. Aurora is accessible by selecting PlayStation Home on the main menu of any PlayStation3 console.