infoPLANT Releases Survey on Mobile Phone Use

Oct 11, 2005

Online market researcher infoPLANT conducted research regarding mobile phone use among 16,833 phone users (operators limited to NTT DoCoMo, au, vodafone) from September 6 to 13, 2005.

When asked how often they access Web sites via mobile phones, 73.8% of the respondents answered "almost everyday", followed by "a few days a week (10.9%)", "four to five days a week (10.4%)", and "about one day a week (3.1%)". More than 70% men and women of every age group except men aged 50 or older and women aged 40 or older replied "almost everyday." When asked about if they use flat-rate packet service, 58.0% said they use service on the service-compatible handsets, while 12.3% answered they want to use the service although not using now the service on their service compatible phones, and 20.8% replied they want to use the service although their phones do not support it, making the group that shows intention to use the service comprise 30% of the total. On the other hand, the group suggesting they would not use the service occupies less than 10%. Furthermore, 81.5% of the service users replied they access the Web over their phones almost everyday, compared to 57.5% among non-service users.

When asked about how they use online applications on their phone after subscribing to the flat-rate packet service, 87.4% of the users replied they access the Web sites more frequently, followed by 60.0% saying that they visit the sites longer, 45.6% that they download more applications, and 36.9% that they emails more often.