iUpload Announces Integration With Microsoft SharePoint

Feb 28, 2006

iUpload has announced the integration of its Customer Conversation System with Microsoft's SharePoint, bringing enterprise blogging and wiki capabilities to SharePoint users. The iUpload Customer Conversation System combines blogs and related social media technologies with enterprise management tools to improve internal and external communications.

The iUpload SharePoint integration brings all of iUpload's features for managing communities of blogs, including editorial control, template and taxonomy management, security and versioning, to the Microsoft SharePoint environment, and allows users to present blog, wiki, and other content as Web Parts within SharePoint. With iUpload, SharePoint users can now draw in content from large blog communities that may include contributions from employees, partners and customers, while leveraging the blog, wiki, discussion forum, and podcasting features of iUpload. Since the iUpload Customer Conversation System supports virtually any third party blog authoring tool, the SharePoint integration also allows companies to harness, integrate, and manage independent blogs that already exist within most corporate environments regardless of the blogging tool that they are authored and hosted on.

The SharePoint integration makes iUpload blog, wiki, and other features available as Web Parts to include within SharePoint. iUpload content that can be included when building SharePoint sites includes: Wikis, recent posts, podcasts, events, and photo albums by knowledge category; Lists of bloggers and contributors; Lists of categories and corresponding RSS feeds; Most popular and commented on blog posts and wikis; and Editor's picks. iUpload's SharePoint integration is available immediately to Microsoft SharePoint customers by contacting the iUpload sales team.