iPhone Claims Three-Quarters of All Cellphone Profits

Feb 06, 2012

Though it holds only about 9% of the world's cellphone market, Apple claimed 75% of all profits across the industry last quarter, according to Asymco analyst Horace Dediu. With heavy demand for the iPhone 4S, Apple also regained the top spot in mobile phone sales, capturing almost 40% of overall revenue, reports CNET. Samsung came in second place with 25% of all sales and 16% of profits, Dediu said. All together, the industry reaped around $15 billion in profits for 4Q 2011.

Apple is the third biggest cellphone maker behind Nokia and Samsung, according to IDC (International Data Corp.). IDC also reported that in 4Q 2011, Apple's market share more than doubled to 8.7%, up from 4% in 4Q 2010. In 4Q 2011, Apple sold a record 37 million iPhones, more than the anticipated 30 million.

The reports from Asymco and IDC include all mobile phones, not just smartphones. Smartphones, though increasing in popularity, currently only account for between 30% and 40% of the global mobile phone market.