iMedix Unveils Community-Powered Health Search Engine

Dec 14, 2007

iMedix, a community-powered health search engine, launched after a year in development. iMedix allows consumers to benefit from the online research conducted by thousands of others with similar health conditions or interests. The integrated community platform allows users to enhance that information through real-time patient-to-patient interaction. By combining advanced search with community features, iMedix intends to empower people to find and share health information in order to make better health-related decisions. iMedix's patent-pending search engine analyzes users' feedback against millions of medical articles, pictures, and videos in order to try to provide the best answers for health related questions and concerns. The system ranks webpages based on those that have proven to be most useful and relevant to other users searching for the same information. Additionally, iMedix shows users whether pages are from sources certified by HON (Health On the Net Foundation), URAC (Utilization Review Accreditation Commission), and other organizations.