iMedia Revenue Streamlines Newsroom Publishing

Nov 30, 2011

iMedia Revenue Ltd. developed a publishing platform that gives newsrooms tools to publish content simultaneously across multiple channels such as mobile, email, web, and print. The SaaS solution offers pre-press layout integration with Quark and InDesign in an effort to automate each step of the publishing process.

The iMedia system is designed to support collaboration among reporters, photographers, videographers, and editors who can work together on stories from remote locations using the platform. Editors can use the dashboard to see the overall newsroom operation and workflow, and can leverage reports on story trends and readership analytics provided by the iMedia platform.

Founded in 2010, iMedia also offers the iMedia Revenue advertising sales system, which lets publishers manage revenue streams from a central dashboard. The new publishing platform integrates with the advertising sales system, enabling publishers to roll out both content and ads through the platform and increasing options for business advertisers.