iManage Introduces iManage WorkSite 8

Aug 22, 2003

iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software for enterprises, has announced a new release of its flagship iManage WorkSite suite. iManage WorkSite 8 is designed to add functionality to basic document management such as email management, data centralization, intranet/extranet support, and knowledge management.

Team Collaboration: iManage WorkSite 8 provides enterprises with a single online workspace where all such information can be stored, including documents, bills, notes, memos, email and other correspondence. Unlike paper files, this virtual project file is designed to be shared and accessed securely by clients and remote colleagues. A "My Projects" list is used to organize the workspaces.

Email Management: iManage WorkSite 8 addresses email management, a rising concern for every organization, through full support of iManage's Email Management solution. The new release enables outbound and inbound emails to be shared, stored, collaborated on, and captured as records in context alongside other forms of correspondence and communication within the project file.

Data centralization: iManage WorkSite 8 features iManage's new caching server, which allows firms to centralize their systems and create a single place for all of their content while giving users LAN-like performance and transparency even when accessing documents stored in remote libraries.

Intranets and Extranets: iManage WorkSite 8 provides an environment for creating and populating new sites. iManage has adopted the Microsoft .NET framework, C# and ASP.NET for the WorkSite 8 Web application to provide a next-generation platform for intranet and extranet creation; the WorkSite SDK is also now fully .NET compliant. Integration with Microsoft Office applications enables users to capture content in context and tag it for inclusion in an extranet with no extra steps. The same platform also provides a simple way to move content such as best practices and project files onto a firm intranet for access from any location.

Knowledge Management: iManage WorkSite 8 is designed to automatically capture searchable metadata such as client, project, and industry based on the folders in which documents are stored, with little or no profiling required of the user.

General availability of iManage WorkSite 8 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2003.