iManage Introduces Email Management Extension to its WorkSite Collaborative CM Solution

Jan 28, 2003

iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software, has announced an Email Management solution designed to help businesses better manage emails and attachments that constitute the majority of business correspondence today. By allowing inbound and outbound emails to be captured and classified in a unified content repository along-side documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other relevant business content, the solution helps organizations overcome the inefficiencies and lost productivity that result from widespread email overload. Industry analysts estimate that the average knowledge worker spends over two hours per day working on email, a figure that is expected to double by 2005. To date, most email management solutions have focused on logging and archiving every single email. The iManage Email Management solution provides a way to capture and catalog email correspondence by subject, such as a project or client deal, and merge it with other relevant documents and content in a collaborative content management system. Enabled by the company's new WorkSite Communications Server, the iManage solution allows all inbound and outbound emails to be automatically routed to a WorkSite based on inherent metadata such as "to," "from," and "cc". The iManage Email Management solution is the latest extension of the company's WorkSite application suite, which delivers document management, collaboration, workflow and knowledge management accessible through a portal in a single integrated Internet solution. By capturing all internal and external emails in a single place, rather than in individual user inboxes and archives, iManage maintains a complete record of all correspondence on each deal or project that helps companies respond more effectively to client inquiries. New team members can be brought up to speed more quickly, and individual emails can be found using metadata and full-text searching. The iManage email management solution is comprised of: WorkSite Correspondence Server--routes emails to repository folders and captures inbound and outbound emails for classification and filing; new email addressable folders within WorkSite--replaces the need to email updates or attachments to each team member; and MailSite--a combination of a collaborative content management solution and email, and allows emails to be dragged and dropped into WorkSite repository folders. The iManage Email Management solution will be available in the second quarter of 2003.