iManage Enhances WorkSite MP

Oct 03, 2003

iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software for enterprises, has announced a series of enhancements to its flagship iManage WorkSite MP (multi-platform) suite. iManage WorkSite MP is an application suite designed to combine document management, collaboration, workflow, and portal functionality in an integrated Java-based solution that operates across Windows NT, Linux, and Solaris platforms.

iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 incorporates feature and architecture enhancements to address the needs of system administrators and end users, as well as OEM and systems integrator partners. In planning this release, the company focused on three objectives: reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by simplifying administration and support for global implementations; aid compliance by improving the ability of organizations to archive completed projects; and increase support for industry standard Web and application servers.

The enhancements in iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 include: Reduced TCO for global deployments--iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 provides new services and management tools that are intended to reduce administrative and maintenance costs. A search engine includes improved support for multi-language search, helping global employees locate information in different languages. iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 also provides new API hooks for customizing workspaces, workflows, search forms, and search results, offering OEM developers, systems integrators, and implementation personnel greater flexibility to tailor the end user experience to meet each company's needs.

Help for regulatory compliance--iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 is designed to allow customers to freeze the contents of a workspace, thus archiving an entire project (such as an engagement, regulatory filing, or audit) and its content for subsequent research and reference. Search capabilities make it possible for business users to analyze repository contents and audit trails for compliance reporting. Metadata inference enables better categorization of content and lessens the reliance of companies on business users to perform this function correctly.

Extended platform support--In an effort to let companies leverage iManage WorkSite MP 3.1 in a broader range of environments, it offers support for industry standard application servers, IBM Websphere, BEA WebLogic, and Apache Tomcat. The solution also supports Windows 2003 and Oracle 9iDB.