eZ adds Recommendation Engine

Aug 25, 2011

eZ Systems AS, an open source WCM developer, announced the acquisition of YOOCHOOSE GmbH. YOOCHOOSE will be integrated into eZ Systems AS' product portfolio and offered under the name eZ Recommender Engine as part of the eZ Publish Enterprise Edition Platform. The eZ Recommender Engine from YOOCHOOSE can provide a unique experience each time a customer visits a website, collecting data and creating real-time updates to the user profile.

When a customer visits a website from any device, personalized recommendations are automatically delivered based on his or her unique interests. According to the company, the eZ Recommender Engine will provide increased visitor reach and stickiness of online presentation, improved customer retention and average order size by creating new purchase options, improved advertising revenues, and promoted upselling and cross-selling based on an individual's online behavior.