eTrigue Introduces Enhanced A/B Email Testing

Mar 24, 2016

eTrigue Corporation, a provider of cloud-based marketing automation, announced enhanced A/B email testing for eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation that goes beyond simply measuring opens and clicks, instead relying on goal-oriented, business-relevant metrics when determining the best-performing email. DemandCenter campaigns now contain a built-in A/B email test step that conducts the email test over a selectable time period, to a selectable audience sample size. At the conclusion of the test duration, the highest performing email is then programmatically sent to prospects for the remainder of the campaign.

Simply choose the sample size, the email treatments to be tested, the metric that will determine the winner, and the duration of the test phase. Unlike most other A/B email tests, eTrigue says DemandCenter enables a winner to be determined by goal-oriented actions, and not just simple email opens and visits. These criteria include visits to a specific web page; downloads of a document; registrations for a webinar; form fills; email opens and visits.