eSoft Delivers InstaGate SCM

Nov 07, 2003

eSoft, Inc., a provider of simplified network security solutions, has announced the introduction of InstaGate SCM, a new product for the secure content management market that is designed to provide integrated Web and email content management, including anti-virus, spam filtering, Web filtering, and reporting.

eSoft's InstaGate SCM solution combines pre-integrated, policy-based Internet security tools that manage email content, Web content, and virus protection on a single platform. InstaGate SCM also includes eSoft's catalog of modular SoftPak applications, which can be deployed quickly, to create an integrated SCM environment customized to an organization's needs. In addition, eSoft's SCM solution brings together point solution providers, such as Sophos for anti-virus, and delivers the applications in a pre-integrated SCM bundle.

eSoft will offer software and appliance versions of InstaGate SCM. The software will be downloadable from eSoft's Web site and capable of running on a customer's hardware platform of choice. The software will include the operating system, management tools, and infrastructure to support SoftPak applications that are purchased a-la-carte or in bundles through SoftPak Director. Appliance models will include software pre-installed.