eMeta Releases eRights Suite for the Software Industry

Feb 08, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of digital access control and commerce solutions, has announced the availability of its eRights Suite for the software industry. The eMeta eRights Suite is intended to provide off-the-shelf applications for licensing, commerce, billing, and reporting that enable software vendors and service providers to reach beyond traditional licensing to increase sales and subscriptions, minimize customer price resistance, expand markets, and increase recurring revenue.

The eMeta eRights Suite provides features for SaaS commerce, including licensing, billing, promotion, and customer service. Its software license enforcement and asset protection capabilities are designed to guard against software piracy. Tools to maintain, cultivate, and up-sell subscribers include the ability to license on a per-seat, pay-per-use, subscription, modular, timed, or trial period basis, allowing varied business models for the same service. eMeta empowers SaaS providers to overcome price resistance, optimize recurring revenue, and minimize customer churn, enabling new sales opportunities. The eRights Suite is available as both an installed and hosted application.