dotCMS Adds Additional Static Publishing Features and New Workflow Approval

Feb 27, 2018

dotCMS, an open source Java content management software company, introduces new Static Publishing features, Four Eyes Workflow approval, and other performance and security improvements in their dotCMS 4.3 release, available now. Enhancing the Static Publishing feature, dotCMS now supports customers who want to save comprehensive static HTML versions of their websites to multiple locations, including local folders, AWS S3 buckets, or any external location or cloud service accessible via SCP or sFTP. These new Static Publishing features mean more customers can take advantage of the performance, disaster recovery, compliance, and security benefits that Static Publishing offers.

dotCMS's latest release also includes a new "Four Eyes" principle workflow approval process enabling an additional level of sophistication and security for web content management. 

In addition, dotCMS says it has also improved the speed and efficiency of its frontend development, including adding a new full-featured libsass-based Sass compiler, which allows developers to compile their files in a tenth of the time, leading to quicker and more efficient updates to their web applications.