conDati Launches Data-Science-as-a-Service Solution Designed to Boost Online Retail Sales from Marketing Campaign Spend

Feb 26, 2019

conDati announced the launch of new capabilities on top of its digital marketing solution that helps eTailers and digital marketers understand their omnichannel campaign performance to sales revenue in a single platform. conDati’s AI and machine learning capabilities provide current insights and actionable recommendations to e-commerce companies looking to optimize their ROI from digital marketing spend, including online advertising across all digital display, paid social, email, and search.

Online retail has become an increasingly competitive space, and digital marketing becomes an even more critical component for success each year. Previously, digital marketers suffer from delays in manually collecting data via spreadsheets, the impossibility of collecting it all, and therefore, the inability to accurately calculate campaign results across platforms, channels, time, segments, and other factors. Research shows 96% of ad clicks don’t result in sales—a strikingly low conversion rate.

conDati aggregates current campaign performance data across digital channels, to cohesively display returns and revenue from all your digital marketing activities. conDati also provides accurate revenue forecasts based on current campaign performance, and most importantly, gives real-time advice on where, when, and how to re-allocate budget and resources to achieve even better results.

conDati’s e-commerce capabilities include:

  • Cross-channel and multi-touch attribution of customer journeys
  • Omnichannel ROI optimization
  • Accurate financial forecasting

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