comScore: DNC Drove Visitors to Democratic and Republican Sites

Aug 03, 2004

comScore Networks has released an analysis of Web visitation related to the Democratic National Convention. Among other findings, the analysis revealed that visitation to spiked dramatically during the candidate's speech late Thursday. comScore also monitored an increase in traffic to during Senator Kerry's speech.

comScore findings included: drew an average of 28,000 visitors per hour between 10:00 AM and midnight EDT on Thursday, July 29. In total, more than 300,000 Americans visited that day, a substantially higher level than is recorded on an average day (in June, drew an average of approximately 40,000 visitors per day). On Thursday, July 29, visitation to peaked between 10:00 PM EDT and 11:00 PM EDT, the period during which Senator Kerry delivered his speech (which encouraged Americans to visit the site). During that hour, the site drew approximately 50,000 visitors.

During Senator Kerry's speech, drew approximately 30,000 visitors, which was the highest hourly traffic level recorded in at least the past week. During the convention week, well over 100,000 Americans visited each day from work, according to comScore, and traffic was most concentrated during lunch hours (between approximately 11:00 AM EDT and 3:00 PM EDT). At peak usage periods, more than 45,000 at-work visitors per hour logged on to