appRenaissance Announces Artisan

Sep 20, 2012

appRenaissance, a provider of mobile application software and infrastructure, announced the beta release of Artisan, a new optimization platform built specifically for native mobile apps.

Artisan is a comprehensive optimization platform that transforms static native mobile apps into powerful and dynamic marketing channels with the capabilities of today's best web optimization solutions. Artisan empowers non-technical customers including marketers, publishers and ecommerce professionals to create, test and customize the user experience of native mobile applications. The platform tracks every user interaction and gesture in the application and provides a powerful analytics platform to deliver deep insights into app utilization and user behavior.

The initial release of Artisan (currently in private beta) includes capabilities for A/B/n and multivariate testing. Without writing code, nontechnical customers can create and test multiple user interface designs and flows so that different consumers experience the same app in different ways. Depending on audience response, Artisan then lets customers dynamically deploy the best performing designs to all users instantaneously without the need to recompile or resubmit the application to app stores.

Initially, Artisan will support iOS for both iPhone and iPad apps, with additional support planned for Android and HTML5. Future Artisan capabilities will also enable personalized content delivery, audience segmentation and targeting, and sophisticated UI/UX development capabilities. Users who are interested in participating in the upcoming public beta program should sign up.